Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Roundup April 13, 2005

April 13

Finally, a Conservative view that does not advocate sending Federal Judges to the gulag

"Vermont Representative Bernard Sanders paid family members for 'work'on the campaign. ahhh...corruption on both sides",1413,104~8676~2813819,0.html#

How liberals and progressives at the local level continue to give away the farm to reactionaries in the way they run their politics. Even though these guys were elected with a mandate, they have done such an awful job fixing broken stuff by breaking it worse, and not selling their good points to the community, that all of them will be ousted come next year. Stupid, stupid, stupid. How do you screw up an honestly given MANDATE?

Great quotes. The Great Left Wing Conspiracy to try and make Tom DeLay a law-abiding citizen. Support from US Senators Santorum and Lott. Lott! Dude who already resigned his post in the Republican leadership cause he couldn’t stop running his mouth. And what is his support? Republicans eat their own and all Tom DeLay can do now to get through this is pray. Not disclose, not talk to lawyers, certainly not put his fate in the hands of a judge, but pray. That’s it.

And the folks who still bring the noise on Summers.

Finally, the actual transcript of Larry Summer’s speech that got him into so much trouble.

For everyone.