Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Apparrently he moonlights as a mechanical engineer... well as a physicist.

Folks, there really is no debate on this one. It's simple physics and engineering. Jet propellant,(henceforth known as JP) burns at a significantly higher temperature than gasoline, kerosene, etc. When I say significantly higher, I mean something on the order of 500-600 degrees F higher. A well-loaded 747 slammed into a 100 story building at, oh, say, 500mph is going to weaken the structural integrity enough on the initial blow, that when combined with several minutes of high heat burn, will cause the supports in the area to collapse.

If you'll recall, when the towers began to drop, there was a big collapse at the top, then sort of a domino effect as they compressed. This is not the result of detonated charges by the government to finance GWBs war for his daddy's oil stocks in Halliburton. This is a result of what happens when you stress materials under weight.

Think of the building as a layer cake. particularly, a many tiered wedding cake. The top layer can hold lots of decorations and things, but nothing of any substantial weight, especially if you drop something on it. Now, imagine if you were to drop a bowling ball on the top layer of the cake. Even if you dropped it from 1/4" above the top layer, the bowling ball would bring the top layer down, which would continue to the next layer, and so on, keeping in mind that the bowling ball isn't plunging through the layers, it's pressing them down. So, every layer that the bowling ball hits, is being added to the total mass of the bowling ball.

Sooner or later, gravity and inertia take over, and the bowling ball/cake mass take exponentially less time to go through the succeding layers, until it hits solid ground.

Kids, I hate to spoil your conspiracy theories, but the government didn't bring down the towers. Terrorists did. They flew two fuel-air bombs into the towers, and they collapsed. Building 7 went down because of it's proximity to the 'blast area' of the two towers. It got shaken like a martini, and didn't stand a chance.

But what do I know, i'm not a mechanical engineer, or a physicist, or even an economist...

The link. First bit of the bits are interesting reading too...

UPDATE - Dr. Robert Gates - President of Texas A&M University, responds to the allegations by Dr. Morgan Reynolds that the WTC attack was actually a government conspiracy

Dr. Reynolds' foot, meet Dr. Reynolds' mouth.


patsbrother said...

I would love to convince myself that crackheads such as this are few and that you and Pat really have to search to find these things on the web.

But then I think back to last year, when an ultra-conservative friend informed me that Theresa Heinz Kerry funds four terrorist organizations out in California (he had read it in an online newsletter) and an ultra-liberal friend informed me of the vast, Illuminati-esque cabal to maintain control of humanity (also discovered online; evidence: Queen Elizabeth was shown to have worn the exact right colors for every day on the calendar since 1952).

God save us from the crazies.

S.A.W.B. said...

Actually, it came out that THK funds the Tides foundation, which in one of it's subgroups, funds a couple, perhaps even four, groups that have been linked to terrorist organizations. From what I recall, the groups in question had some sort of ties to Hamas. No, she wasn't funding them directly, but perhaps, much like the UN, she should keep a better eye on where her money is going.

Patrick Armstrong said...

1. Kevin, there are so many crackpots out there like this it is scary. Folks like me and SAWB don't have to search for these things, they come across the wire all on their own. This particular conspiracy theory crops up about once every 4 months with some sort of 'new' information. They are generally America haters who want attention. (And are usually wrongly identified as liberals and progressives, which is part of our side's message problem) The thing that really gets me is that the Ph.D's behind their names lend them airs of credibility.

2. The easiest way you can see how many crackpots there really are includes the instruction "Step away from the espresso machine." ;)

3. Hamas is a terrorist organization and sends suicide bombers against people they don't like. Hamas is a political party and is running candidates for poltical office in Lebanon and Palestine. Hamas is a relief orgnaization that owns hospitals and food banks. Hamas has eighteen different names, and if you think you're giving money to the hospital, you could be giving money to suicide bombers.