Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Barbecue is Tasty Good

And other things we can all agree on.

Food and American politics.

We all love barbecue down here in the South. (Even vegans can have barbecued eggplant & tofu nowadays, there are some things one just can’t give up…) But all that love just makes it more divisive, and that's a shame. It also makes for some real funny stories.

I remember fondly the most outrageous thing one of my most liberal professors at UGA ever said to the overwhelmingly conservative class she was teaching was something like this: “You see, I am from Texas, and I just don’t understand this ‘sweet’ barbecue in this part of the South. How can you eat that stuff?” You’d a thought she had dog cussed Reagan’s legacy in a Church on a Sunday. Whooeeee! Where was the Barbecue Bill of Rights when you need it!?! Anyway, this is tasty journalism right here.

Scroll through the days of the week and look at his adventures. Especially
read about his run in with airport security on Friday. Absolutely
hilarious. Fair and balanced? As long as you can hold the plate in one hand and your sweet tea in the other. Tofu gets no equal time on my blog.

And speaking of food and what not, I never heard of barbecued crow before, but I'm sure that's how this knucklehead is gonna ask to have his. And we all know what side dish he got with the entree!

Speaking of sides, my side note for today is thus: this should be a rule for anyone in school Administration everywhere. You can do everything right at your school, but for Heaven's sake don’t ever mess with the drama department! They will get you every single time!

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Stacey said...

There is absolutely NOTHING like the BBQ here in TX. I am a transplant from Ohio and we had nothing like this there. Ditto the Mexican food.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, where monkeys reign supreme. :)