Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Crocodiles cry too...

And for some reason, I find both sets of tears less than compelling. It only took Senator Dick Durbin a week to be told that calling our own troops Nazis is generally a no-no. So, did he man up and say, "Hey, i'm sorry, i'm a gigantic dumbass who hath put his foot in his mouth."? No, of course not. Tears get press. Ask Jim Bakker. Or Jimmy Swaggart.

Something tells me that Senator Dick got pressure from most, if not all of the power-wielding Democrats to make a big, public apology. Otherwise, this clown would likely still be standing by his remarks.

Link - Dick cries, I laugh.

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Patrick Armstrong said...

I've already said my peace on this bonehead. I took a lot of flak too. I still haven't seen the full text of this FBI 'report' or the Agent's name anywhere. What I have seen is too many pundits and politicians and spoiled rotten international organizations throwing around the terms Nazi, Stalin, gulag and Pol Pot. Olbermann has a great take on this here.

I'm actually going to go a bit further with my analysis than this guy. Comparisons? I don't know what to compare it to, but even Andersonville made Guantanamo look like a fool's paradise. (That is not an excuse for any wrongdoing whatsoever) I can, as a historian, tell you what you cannot compare it to. Please read further.

So far, we've had Ben Stein equate Mark Felt with causing genocide in South Asia, Amnesty International call Guantanamo Bay a "gulag" and Senator Dubin equate the actions of American troops to those of Nazis, Stalin et al.

Maybe everyone in this country needs to go back and re-read the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" parable right now.

I'll wait. Go ahead.

Now, remember folks, just because the other side is wrong does not, by virtue of that, make you right. But historically speaking, one must have gas chambers, crematoriums and verifiable factories designed for the purpose of murdering people - and uncounted millions dead - before you can even approach comparison with the Nazis. You have to have purges and 5 year plans and mass graves, actual gulags -factories that are desinged to murder people who disagree with you - and uncounted millions dead - before you can even approach comparison to Stalin. You have to have human skulls piled 20 feet high over acres of jungle -and uncounted millions dead- before you can even approach comparison to Pol Pot.

That's why using those names and words are so powerful, and elicit such a response. That's also why I get furious when I see Americans, left or right, who should know better, using those words. 'Cause when they do, they are ONLY doing it for the cameras. And that cheapens whatever crimes may actually be going on, it deflates credibility of the accuser's allies who may actually be looking for true justice, it slaps all Americans in the face, and it disgraces the memories of the people who died at the hands of mad, mad, mad men, and the millions who died to stop them.