Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dumb and Dumber...

Sometimes this stuff just writes itself folks.

Like this here article about how closing Fts. Gillem and McPherson would make Atlanta 'less safe' and 'more vulnerable to a military attack'. Right. I've got it on pretty solid authority that both Forts are little more than a place to hang one's hat. Basically, they exist to give active duty personnel a place to settle and shop in the Atlanta area. Hi, my name is David Scott, and i'm a moran.

Next up, our old friend, Screamin' Howard Dean!!! This is a good one kids. Apparrently, the Republican party is nothing more than, 'The White, Christian party.' That's a direct quote there kids. Do you see why it's going to be so easy to keep the Democrats out of power for the next 10 years or so unless you guys do something very, VERY drastic, like get rid of Screamin' Howard and that entire section of the party? Seriously. Read the article. It's stellar. My name is Howard Dean, and I like to hear myself talk.

Here we that the link is un-fuggled...

another PSA for our 'activist' friends. Might want to check your information before you go off to wave clever placards and shout clever slogans. What's this, oh, this is the link to use to see what happens when you don't bother to research anything before you go out and make a jackassed-fool of yourself. Don't you people have jobs?


patsbrother said...

Yes, S.A.W.B., this will appear pedantic. However, it is pertinent as you rail about others' doing their research in the same post you mislable a statement as a direct quote:

Dean did not say the Republican party was "The White, Republican pary." He said Republicans are "not very friendly to different kinds of people, they are a pretty monolithic party ... it's pretty much a white, Christian party."

The seemingly inconsequential difference between the definite and indefinite article is actually quite severe. Your mutation of the quote implies the Republican party comprises all white Christians, when what Dean said defined the Republican party as being entirely composed of white Americans.

Agree or disagree with his statements, but please recognize that difference.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Out of 300 million people, you're like, one of three who heard what Dean said, and understood that he wasn't making a broad generalization about the people everyone thinks he is, but rather, a broad generalization about a different group of people. Props for putting that English degree to use.

Now for what people think in the really real world.

Unfortunately, when dealing with the press, semantics and pedantics don't really matter. Millions of Americans now feel insulted and Dean stuck his foot in his mouth.

IE: you shouldn't have to split hairs or diagram sentences when speaking to the American public.

I could also point out, not worrying about pedantics or semantics, but demographics: the United States of America could be wildly generalized as "pretty much a white, Christian nation" since a large demographic here considers themselves "white," and a significantly larger demographic considers themselves "Christian."

Dean just called the Republican party the party of white Christians, whether he meant to say it or not, identified the Republican party with the two largest demographics in the USA. Combine that with the "how to speak American" schools that the Democratic leadership is currently attending, and we look like some sort of alien invading force.

What should be said is this: "In the Spirit of the American Dream, The Democratic Party welcomes all people regardless of color and that includes white people, the Democratic Party welcomes people regardless of religion and that includes Christians. We ARE Americans, we SPEAK American and we are NOT going away!"

S.A.W.B. said...

What it boils down to what he said, or rather, how it came out, was this: Republicans are those evil, White, Jeebus dudes we keep warning you about. We're more better than they are because we'll tolerate you being 'diverse'. and the more 'diverse' we are as a group, the more better we are than those evil, White, Jeebus dudes.

Am I thrilled that Dr. Victor von Dean keeps getting airtime, oh hell yes, because 90% of the people in this country are going to recoil further and further from the Democratic party with every phrase out of his mouth.

And he needs a cool mask, too.