Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Enough Rope

For Democrats to Hang Themselves

Georgia Republicans sure are smart. Watch how this works:
Georgia House Resolution 59
states that local governments can't regulate contracts based on what a contractor pays his employees. First of all, and I'm going to find out, that's against the Georgia Constitution. But the Republicans KNOW this law will get repealed by the courts. Why then, would they do it?

Because Democrats all over Georgia are howling about how this makes "living wage" illegal in Georgia. Pick up the memo, guys, there is no "living wage" law in Georgia. Or the United States for that matter. So Democrats begin howling about $10 and hour just as a mid-term election year starts. Can you see where this is going?

The issue is really about Cities, Counties and Local Governments being told what they can and cannot do with their own money by Atlanta bureaucrats. And nobody likes to be told what to do with their own money by Atlanta bureaucrats. Especially when those Atlanta bureaucrats are Republicans who got into office by promising their constituents that they wouldn't tell folks what to do with money that wasn't theirs. That's the Taxpayer's money, Atlanta bureaucrat! The taxpayer knows how to spend his money better than Atlanta bureaucrats.

But, back to the NON ISSUE we were goaded into talking about:

Cluephone: Republicans LOVE it when Democrats start talking about "living wage" and all that because it is a LOSER. We start talking about it, and every small business owner and worker who wants to become a business owner starts thinking about how they'll have to pay high school dishwashers $10 and hour. I plan to own my own business one day, and I am scared to death that I'll have to pay high school dishwashers $10 an hour. As a matter of fact, if anywhere in your argument there could be a high school dishwasher making $10 an hour, you should put whatever it is you are smoking down, and come back to the really real world. And we on the left just take that bait and run with it untill we get caught, cleaned and cooked. All by our own hand.

Gotta hand it to the righty tighties on this one.


blue eyes said...

It's Atlanta folks in general (not all, just most), not just Republicans who think they should dictate what the rest of the state should do or think. These people also tend to believe that the specific problems relating to their city infrastructure run statewide. I've it heard this way of thinking spewing from the mouths of my own (Atlanta) family. It's appalling at times, but not limited to the Republicans.

Patrick Armstrong said...

I can give it to you on that. When Democrats were in charge up in Atlanta, a lot of the same stuff went on. (Note to my side of the aisle: When we get it back, we ought to keep that in mind.)

We can't ignore Atlanta's ability to make money for the state as a whole - when Atlanta makes money, the whole state seems to do better. That probably leads to such an attitude from folks around there.

But right now, and on this issue specifically (HB 59) it is the Republicans in charge who signed it into law. (Don't worry, if any Dems voted for that piece of garbage, I'll bring the heat to them too!)