Monday, June 13, 2005

Good News, Bad News Roundup

Bad News First

Over 1,700 of our Brother and Sister Americans have died in this war. Many thousands more are injured. These men and women are heroes and heroines. They have thrown themselves into their work and held a terrible situation together with the military equivalent of bailing wire and duct tape. We can argue about why they are there, but we must never forget that every good thing that comes out of this trial is due to them and them alone. We can argue about why they are there, but let us never forget - they are there and we are not.

As for what is going on back home:

Apparently, St Simons was nothing before we had the G8 down here. But we do have a bunch of new restaurants in the area. I still can't figure out what one has to do with the other.

Sometimes, when there is a particularly brutal crime, I will send that news forward with a little attachment that says "This is why we keep the Death Penalty around." This isn't that kind of post. This is the kind of post that says "This is why Texas shouldn't be allowed to use the Death Penalty."

Good News Roundup

The Counterrevolution Continues Remember, this site supports Real Democracy in Iran! Spread the news to all your friends.

I have discovered a new storybook place to visit concerning the land of make believe! Come with me on a magical journey to OllyWorld, the Neoconservative Kingdom!

And you can all send your South Georgia friends to visit us at Democracy For America: Georgia's Coastal Empire as we actually have a group of progressive hellraisers 'round here!

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