Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hi there. My name is John Kerry...

...and since I lost the election last November, I've had trouble filling the hours in the day. No longer!

Yes, apparrently John Kerry knows all of what needs to be done in Iraq. So much so, that he feels the need to tell the President what he should say in his speech tonight. This is pre-spin kids. If President Bush comes out and says things in line with Kerry's editorial, the Dems can come out and say "See, John Kerry is teh smurt! Him tell big dum GWB what to say. GWB is a puppet! HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahAhaha!!!!1111!!!1111!eleventyoneoneone~!"

However, if President Bush's remarks don't cover what John Kerry has written in his editorial, then the Dems can come out and say; "GWB IS SO TOTALLY WRONG! HE IS TEH STUPID! JOHN KERRY IS TEH RIGHT! GWB STOLED THE ELECTUN! SUXXORZ!!!"

Either way, much of the press will cover how 'right' John Kerry was/is on the handling of Iraq.

link - John Kerry, meet foot.

Coming up: a diatribe on the revolting eminent-domain decision by the supreme court.


Patrick Armstrong said...

What GWB needs to do is ~ask~ for 2.5 million volunteers to enlist, right now, and committ to three years service so that we can fix Iraq the way we need to. If you're going to engage in nation-building, there is only one call: all in.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Oh, yeah, and as a hellraisin' Southern liberal, I can't ever remember using the term "1111001100101001010111000!!!" In an argument about anyone.

(Though the sky was supposed to fall a coupla times, but didn't.)