Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hip Hop Huah

And some other stuff I've heard about.

Ain't no party like a Desert Storm Party 'cause the party in the desert don't stop! Everybody say ‘Hip Hop!’ (crowd chants) “HIP HOP!” Say ‘Hip-Hop!’ (crowd chants) “HIP HOP!!”

Heh heh heh. I'll be putitng up a link in the music section soon. The band that started the blogstorm is called 4th25, apparently pronounced "4th Quarter." (Strong Language & Image Warning) This has been travelling about the blogosphere for several days now, and everyone's gotten a review or two in. Here is Wonkette's take. (Again, Language & Images.)

While we're talking about Iraq, check this out: Chopping up time in Iraq is Maj. Bob Bateman, followed by more butt whoopin commentary from Eric Alterman. Apparenly I wasn’t the only one to think Ben Stein had done lost his mind!

Other News

Georgia schools just don't get it. Don't mess with the drama department, and don't feed the Journalism Students! The Revolution won’t need to be televised!

Props to the Catholic Church (of which I am a part) for walking the walk on this one.

A shoe on the other foot still smells the same. (Refrence butchered intentionally.)

Who would Jesus boycott? You can boycott whomever you want to in America, that's your right. Its also my right to point out how dumb y'all look. What I really like is how this group claims responsibility for destroying Walt Disney Corp.

Domino theory revisited.

And we need our Sprotsblog soon: Title IX & the US Supreme Court.


S.A.W.B. said...

Title IX is an obscene example of law not seeing the forest for the trees. How many male athletes have been denied the chance to compete in intercollegiate sports because of the elimination of men's sports teams due to Title IX?

UCLA canned it's swimming program years ago to meet Title IX expectations. This is the program that produced multiple-olympic gold medal winner Matt Biondi. Several storied wrestling, ice hockey, swimming, golf, and other programs have been cut in the last 10-20 years so that these schools can come into compliance with Title IX.

If the NCAA was actually worried about levelling the playing field, then they would have required schools to add a certain number of women's sports to their athletic departments, without cutting mens programs. But, since the NCAA just wants to look good to Joe Public, they leave it up to the schools to make it look right.

Patrick Armstrong said...

If the NCAA wants to look good to Joe Public, they must be taking cues from New England Democrats or someone.

The cutting of other sports may have something more to do with the NCAA and the School's implementaion of the law than anything actually written in the law itself.

I watched UGA defend its non-existent affirmative action policy badly and then 'throw in the towel' so to speak. This gives me the feeling that the NCAA and schools are slashing things themselves and then throwing up their hands and saying "Title IX, what can we do?" Classic bait and switch.

You've got to enforce the same number of scholarships for boys and girls if you want Federal Money. Easy math, even for us Dawgs. UGA's budget alone is $1.15 billion, not including Athletics. You think they can't find more room for scholarships? You want a guy's wrestling team at Georgia? Start a Girl's skating team to go play in the X Games. It ain't like the big schools are broke when it comes to Athletic Departments.

Except for Vanderbilt. Everyone but them.

patsbrother said...

Irreverent aside: When in the late nineties the Southern Baptist Convention decided to hold its own anti-gay boycott of Disney, they came to just one other major resolution that year: to convert the Jews.
I wonder if they've had any success affecting that cause.