Wednesday, June 15, 2005

June 15 Roundup

Upcoming Events

The Glynn County Democratic Party is having our regular monthly meeting (open to the public) on Monday, June 20th at 7:30pm at the St Williams Catholic Church's Parish Hall Map

I am planning on introducing resolutions to: 1. Propose collecting a pettition so that two School Board members may be recalled. 2. Condemning the Legislature for passage of House Bill 59, and 3) Inviting Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean to South Georgia. Resolution Text will be coming soon to this site.

The Glynn County Democratic Party will also be hosting a State Party Training & Organization meeting focusing on grassroots organzing on Saturday, June 25th 10am - 3pm at the Local 177 Pipe Fitters Union, 6148 New Jesup Hwy, Brunswick, GA 31520 Map

My band Rough House will be playing the SandTrap Bar and Grille in the St Simons Village on Saturday June 25th at approximately 9pm. Corner of Mallery & Lord Map Bring earplugs.


An Iranian opposition group has said that the Islamic Theocracy ends tomorrow. Cheer for them if this does go on. This blog supports real Democracy in Iran.

The Bonehead Brigade wants Illegals in California. I guess they have nothing better to do out west other than acquit celebrities and protest non-violent groups that uphold American law.

Liberals are destroying the world with loose morals and pornography. (What does he want for adhering to his own code of ethics, a cookie? Buddy, I'm still waitin' for mine.) But all the while, the Republican leadership is contributing cash to the political campaigns of Porn Stars. Where else? California! (I think it is really funny that both of those came across the wire on the same day!)

Speaking of folks who only show morality when an election year rolls around, the Terri Schiavo autopsy results were reported today. Link. I still say shame on everyone who turned that very personal tragedy into a circus.

And to wrap things up, an editorial on why we should rebuild the World Trade Center.

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