Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Memorial Daze

Sorry y'all. I have a lot of stuff to throw out 'cause I have been recovering from the Island weekend for quite a while. You see, Roughhouse, played at the Sand Trap Saturday night two blocks from the beach. It was the best rock show I have personally ever played. Not only that, but you have never played true barroom rock until you have beautiful women A) using your microphone stand as a pole dance prop; B) crawling on the floor on all fours; C) belly dancing at the bar; D) hanging from the second floor balcony to holler along with the words to the songs you are singing; or E) all of the above. Now, I'm a liberal and (I try to be) a gentleman most of the time, but sometimes the Rock and Roll in my Southern boy veins must come out to play. We raised some hell when we played some Bearfoot Hookers' songs. We almost started a riot when we played some Drive By Truckers. If we had played some old Skillet songs, I'd probably be in jail right now.

The score is now Overnight Low - 7, RoughHouse - 38.

Here's the stuff I would have sent out if I had been able to type accurately.

The coming Republican Civil War: Really Real Conservatives VS Wingnuts here.

Really Real Conservatives VS Wingnuts Part 2.

Big Momma Government & the Fun Police make us all pay the price for idiots who don't know how to handle themselves. I always hated it when, in grade school, the whole class would be punished for the actions of the few.

More on those wacky French.

Define irony: a low emissions cargo ship to carry high emission automobiles.

Finally, some real marketing for my blue people.

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