Friday, June 10, 2005

Not So Evil J

Not So Evil J (that's what we called him back in Creswell Hall at UGA) sends this into the mailbag. Please address any comments to him. -The Management

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John Kerry's back, and he just sent me this link (while groveling for funds):

Ah, a little Beating Heart Liberal legislation is trying to squeeze
its way in past all of our bitching about our right of privacy,
freedom of speech, and protection from self-incrimination being flushed
down the toilet faster than a Qu'ran at Gitmo. It seems to be a good
(albeit expensive) idea that would help out millions of kids who are
currently struggling like hell in our already expensive medical
insurance system. Of course, in comparison to a military invasion,
it's a scant couple of drops of oil in the bucket pricewise.
Then again, I can't wait to see conservatives who spend millions
lobbying against abortion denounce this legislation as too expensive
(I guess children just aren't as cute once you let them out of the
womb). Personally, I think it would have must better odds of getting
bipartisan support if they showed more white children in the ad. Let
me know what y'all think about it!


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Disclaimer: message has been edited for grammar and spelling, not content.

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