Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Off the Wall Topics

In the spirit of Hurricane Radio and my crazy fascination with weather phenomena, I forward you this link, to view the inside of a tornado. Hat tip to Clicked, over at MSNBC.

Also, something us hellraisers have known for a while: Tests suck and homework is pretty much useless.

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J said...

It seems there's no conclusive evidence that the amount of homework ASSIGNED correlates to success in education... Fair enough. Perhaps they should do a study on whether there is a correlation with the amount of homework COMPLETED.
The "Results" of these are based on the same sort of standardized tests that "No Child Left Creative" Movement touts as the standard for quality education.
If you want to improve the quality of education in the US, there are two things you must accomplish:
1) CREATE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR STUDENTS AT ALL LEVELS. Currently, the accountability all lies on the teachers. If the students' test scores drop, WE get canned.
I agree with the idea that education is an important priveledge that each student should have to work for. It is not a Constitutionally guaranteed right. As long as students know that they can get by with no effort and suffer no real consequences, socially or economically, they will continue to be uninspired to excel.
We NEED to leave some students behind. Other wise they'll just get passed along.
2) THERE SHOULD BE INCENTIVE FOR PEOPLE TO COMPETE FOR JOBS AS TEACHERS. Currently, teaching (my CHOSEN profession, btw) is the job that many people fall back on when they can't make it in their chosen field.
If you want education to be insiring, engaging (ie "fun"), and instrumental to students' development, you MUST have a monetary incentive that attracts capable teachers to the field. When teachers must compete for teaching postitions that pay our bills and send our kids through college, we will be much more inspired to improve our teaching methods. (PAY TEACHERS MORE)