Thursday, June 23, 2005

One for the hippies...

This popped up the other day, and then got buried pretty quick. I thought i'd bring it back into the light. Yes kids, it's true. PETA kills animals. And apparrently, some animal shelters are sort of pissed that PETA is killing the animals they gave them.

Let's get one thing straight here kids. PETA is in no way about the 'ethical treatment of animals'. PETA is about advancing their vegan lifestyle on everyone on the planet. Like your pet dog, cat, fish, wildebeast? Too bad. According to PETA, you shouldn't have pets. All animals should roam free and happy. PETA is despicable, and their means to an end recently has been all that much more disgusting. Go look up what PETA does to try and traumatize kids into not eating meat. But don't take my word for it, take theirs.


Patrick Armstrong said...

I agree with you about PETA, though they are not representative of the left as a whole, and had their backs broken along with the rest of the "activist for activism's sake" movement with the release of the movie PCU.

But the story was everywhere, we just didn't get a chance to see much about it because we had a US Senator calling American troops Nazis and a white girl who got lost in Aruba. (And a lot of us on the left know that PETA's been full of it for a while...)

Here's the link I ran across. Can you guess where it is from? I knew you could.

People for the EuThanasian of Animals. Pass the good word, folks. They are nothing but useless activist counterculture with non-profit status.

blue eyes said...

Yes, PETA is a vile organization. And lets not forget that this is the same organization that tries to bomb companies who produce pharmaceuticals meant to PROTECT animals. We're talking about rabies vaccines and the like, not to mention all of the other medications that keep animals healthy and happy.

SevenCubed said...

Some friends of mine down in Norfolk, TOTAL animal lovers, reckoned they'd dip into PETA's headquarters... mebbie work there. In the damn LOBBY of the place, they were saying that there were Gigantic stuffed animals with massive wounds, etc. It was really horrifying. If you've never seen Penn an' Teller's "Bullshit" episode on PETA, it'd be a good thing to check out. =)