Wednesday, June 01, 2005

S.A.W.B.'s First Post

Hi there. My name is S.A.W.B. and i am the Anti-paT. I'm here to give commentary to defend the right, or wrong to some of you, side of the aisle. For those that aren't familiar, S.A.W.B. stands for Smart Assed White Boy. Now, on to the fun.

First - Professor Mike Adams of the University of North Carolina-Wilmington takes the student newspaper, the Seahawk, to task for some outlandishly bad legal advice. Here's a hint for all you other 'legal expert journalists' out there. If your school has neither a school of Law, nor a school of Journalism, then you should probably not write in a public forum of which you know nothing about on a subject that you know nothing about. Linky goodness - Stupid Children

Next - Ralph Nader and Kevin Zeese(of DemocracryRising.US 'fame') think that President Bush can be impeached for being a not nice person. Listen kids, this is the last time we're going to go over this. It wasn't about oil, it wasn't because he needed to finish it for his daddy, and it wasn't about WMDs. The war started because we were attacked. The WMD evidence turned out to be bad, yes, but that's not his fault. He was given bad information, and had to make the call based on it. And yes, we were justified in removing Saddam. We even have the UNs permission(not that it matters). Check out resolutions 660, 678, and 1441. Read more about those here State Department links - linky goodness Nader and Zeese whining

Finally - Michelle Malkin...mmmm...want to touch...sooooo nice...

but I digress. Here's her writeup on the 'gulag' down at Gitmo. Sounds like those guys have it pretty bad for prisoners... Good times at Gitmo

More fun later. Flame away now.

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