Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Stay On Target

Disclaimer, I love Howard Dean as Chairman of the Democratic Party.

That being said, Foot in mouth award for the week: Doogie Howard. The most organized Democrat in the country also says some of the dumbest things. I think we ought to invite him down South to meet some of the white, Christian Democrats that live down here and all the socially liberal Republicans (who can’t stand Tommy Boy DeLay and the Christianeers) who have really real jobs like the rest of us in overworked underpaid America. Some Republicans trying to get elected have to fire up their base by saying stupid things on TV, but most folks who vote Republican nowadays are just average folks like us who want reasonable things. Keep that in mind. I’d rather have a battle of hearts and minds, and talk about really real issues. Compare, for instance, all those crazy things Doc is saying to this episode of softball.

This is something a lot of us on the left have been talking about for a long, long time. Democrats have a problem with message. They don’t even know how to talk about how to find a better message. Check this out: I don’t know what I find more horrifying, the fact that a conservative of National Review wrote such an insightful piece or that National Democrats actually had to have a panel meeting on how to speak American. Before we really move the debate any further, maybe we need to clarify – Democrats ARE Americans. Spread the good word.

And I don’t know which tagline will backfire worse: “Clean out the stables” or “Family Stress Relief.” My money is on the latter. Somewhere Karl Rove is laughing so hard he just wet himself.

Lucky for us on the left side of the aisle, there are still plenty of dumb righties to keep us relevant. Like this group of bozos that have finally admitted their message strategy: Balance is more important than Truth.

And another excellent opinion piece by Eric Alterman, and pretty much a summary or why I fight back against right wing media:

And a big win for media transparency.


Jen said...

The problem is that we think we're superior (I think we ARE, but that's not the point), and it shows. People are turned off by intellectuals. Isn't that funny? We'd rather have a bozo in office than one of the most intelligent people who's ever run for the office (Gore).

S.A.W.B. said...

Congratulations, you've just contradicted yourself in four easy sentences.

People aren't turned off by intellectuals, people are turned off by know-it-all intellectuals who think they have all the answers when it comes to how one should live one's life, or spend one's money, or raise one's family.

Yeah, that tends to piss people off a little bit.

Oh, and Al Gore is a scary, insane man. Just look at the beard. Would a sane man look like that?

Patrick Armstrong said...

No, Jen's comment is very consistent, no contradictions there. She also happens to be right.

On the left, too many folks do think we're superior. By having panel discussions on "How to Speak American," what they are saying is "We can't communicate with everyday folks and we don't know why." That's the whole issue. A lot of folks on the left don't think they are normal, everyday folks. We want to represent Joe Six-Pack without realizing that we ARE Joe Six-Pack. (This is also, vice versa, why a lot of Republicans are so very shocked when they find out that I am not only a Democrat, but a Liberal)

People are most turned off by folks who scoff at them. Jocks get away from school as quick as possible cause they don't like being called stupid, and nerds get away from football as quick as possible cause they don't like being called nerds.