Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Thursday Conjumbulation

Lots to cover today kids, and not much time to do it in. Here we go, rapido-style:

First up - Mike Adams again, with more fun from academia. Remember kids, your tax dollars at work here.

Next - Ben Stein has the biggest call out of Mark Felt, aka "Deep Throat", to date, possibly ever. Yes, Ben Stein is smarter than all of us, and it shows. linky goodness - Just damn...

Next - Ever wonder why I hate the French so much? This goes a long way to prove that. How about they just hand them the button while they're at it. Stupid Frogs

Finally - Ah, Amensty International, that fine, fine, non-partisan group. Oh wait, their executives donated heavily, and solely, to Democratic campaigns in the last election cycle? Yeah, they're about as non-partisan as i'm a small black woman. Oh, and their Secretary-General is named Khan. Shatner wouldn't trust them, and neither do I. KHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!

Questions? Comments? Verbal Abuse?

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Patrick Armstrong said...

Let me get this straight: we're quoting opinion columns to back up history. Just wait till I get a hold of some Google.

Ben Stein is a bozo. What he says is historical revisionism. I guess it is righty tighty philopophy to just make the story up as you go along and cite no evidence to back up claims. Kennedy a druggie? Evidence please! LBJ got us into Vietnam? What? That guy's name was Eisenhower, in 1954. I've been over that already.

And Cambodia was an awful nice place before the Vietnam War, right? And Diem was a great President of South Vietnam, killing Buddhists and stuff? And we're blaming Cambodia on Nixon's downfall? A better guess would be that Pol Pot and the Khemer Rouge came to power because the area had been torn up by war from 1939 - Now. Anarchy generally leads to power vaccums. Genocide in South Asia? Has anyone heard of the Empire of Japan? The English and Portugese? Perhaps the Ming Dynasty? Or we can just go waaaay back to Ghengis KHAANN himself, as I'm sure he was a real nice fella to everyone down there.

Sorry, kids, you can demonize Communism all you want; all it did was change the uniforms of the folks who were killing people down there. Nixon got Articles of Impeachment cause Congress found he had broken really real laws.