Thursday, June 09, 2005

Tragic Brutality

Warning: this is not a story for the weak of heart.

I think this is probably the most disturbing story I’ve ever heard about in my life. I felt sick after reading about it. Now, to start this out, I must announce that I’m an advocate of Legal Choice though my heart says Choose Life. But the brutality on all sides in this situation should be a wake up call to all sides: we have got to find some consistency on this issue lest we be faced with more events like this. There has got to be a better way to do things than this: Link. It vindicates neither side, rather it points out the tragic flaws when each is carried to the extreme.

I’ve disabled comments for this post because I think it is far more important that you roll this one around in your head and let all the implications sink in before anyone can come back with something to say. Props to Clicked at MSNBC for being man enough to bring it up.

Update 06/10/05

Slate gives us this take on a related topic here, something that may be a hopeful sign. Then again, it could also backfire pretty badly. My mind is still reeling from the first one, wondering how we got to this spot and how we can come away from it.