Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Worthless Wednesday

Wow. This piece is truly awesome. "Why smart people defend bad ideas." Required reading if you know me, my parents, my brother, any single one of my friends, anyone who posts on this blog, anyone who lived in Creswell Hall at the University of Georgia between 1996 and 1999, any liberal or conservative and all Georgia Tech fans. Hah! It pretty much explains everything.

Star Wars will simply not leave the news. These guys say that their list is not "exhaustive" by any means. Of course, that comes after three pages of links to Star Wars stuff I've never even started to hear about, and I am one of the biggest nerds you'll ever meet!

Even sports writers, determined by the Jerzey for Georgia Coalition (Website coming soon) to be the most accurate, fact checking and balanced members of the media, are getting into this Church vs State debate.

This just in, fellow vacation planners: Georgia plays Colorado in '06 & '10! Add this to the Arizona State away and home series in '08 and '09 , this is gonna make for some good traveling to see the west again! And it means the Dawgs are serious about scheduling really real opponents! Sweet.

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