Friday, July 08, 2005

News Roundup

Had to get that last bit out of the system.

News that I am paying attention to:

1. Tracking Dennis the Menace. You know you will read that on boarded up storefronts all over the Gulf Coast. Batten down the hatches, y'all, this hurricane season's gonna be rough.

2. London has been bombed. But this is the city that survived the Armada, Trafalgar, Napoleon, the IRA and the Blitz. You may refer, historically, to every power that had the gall to go at London itself, and know that they will overcome. The world reverberates with the sound of solidarity.

Pay attention, folks. This is the world on extremism.

Speaking of extremes, I find it intriguing that Bill O'Reilly's main function tonight was to respond to the London attacks by examining the very important issue of anti-American bias in several British papers. He didn't even quote a single thing, and then he said London's mayor supports suicide bombers. Can you imagine what would have happened if someone had said something as ridiculous about Giuliani two days after 9/11? Pay attention, conservatives. That's your boy with some self centered foot in mouth this week.

While we're on this thread, I'll just say that if any journalist needs to loose a job this week, Brit Hume needs to go home. I know its a stretch to call this individual a "journalist," but I'll accept the terminology with how bad this particular profession is right now. His first thought was to buy futures? If this had been an editor of the New York Times or an anchor at CBS, Townhall would be howling for this man's head on a platter. I guess you can get away with that when you work for a news organization that prefers "Balance" over "Truth." Now instead of your emotional responses to another world city and center of western civilization falling prey to murderous fiends, Fox offers you, in keeping with the idea of balance, sound financial advice. In addition to your tax cut, wealthy people, consider buying this or that, which will be affected by the tragedy in the coming days. I rarely put this out there, but shame on Fox News. Shame. Sackcloth and ashes.

And again we ask you, What Liberal Media?

Eshaton rounds up some other dubious "news items" for London.

3. Israel. Just in case no one has been paying attention recently, there's some really real important things going down in the Holy Land. Now, before we go any further, I want to make myself crystal clear. The Jewish people are people who follow a religion, and are considered by many to be an ethnic group. The people of Israel are citizens of a nation. I know that many in the American Jewish community feel strong ties to the Nation of Israel. Please keep in mind, however, that criticism of a government is not criticism of a religion or ethnic group.

Now read this:

Israel is on the verge of massive internal civil strife. While the Palestinian government talks real big for the first time ever, the Israeli Ministry of Defense is prepping Fourty Five Thousand (45,000) troops to remove 9,000 settlers from land outside the Israeli border to land inside the Israeli border. An overwhelming force. I applaud the Israeli government for this move, as it will begin to bring Israel, which should be a force for democracy and freedom in the region, back into line with international law that the United States helped write back in 1948. But there are a bunch of settlers there and regular citizens in Israel who don't want to give up Gaza. I guess these folks just don't think International law, or more importantly Israeli law applies to them. The fight for Gaza has already begun, and it will pit Israeli vs. settler.

I hope the Israeli government is able to pull this off. We need them as allies, and we also need for them to play by International Law. We need for Abbas and the Palestinian authority to step up. We decided, as a world, back in 1948, that Nations could no longer invade and take land and then decide to live there. We gave too many millions of lives to stop that sort of thing. I hope Sharon is the man who can pull this off, but I fear he will share the fate of another Prime Minister who had the cajones and gall to bring Peace and Hope to the Holy Lands. Yitzak Rabin, a giant among men, slain at the hands of his own countrymen - not the enemy from without.

This is our world. This is our world on extremism.


Meredith said...

um, yeah, when Bill O'Reilly got his facts wrong on his "Friends" spiel, I wrote him off. Good lord, the least you can get right is something that's already in permanent repeat? Sorry . . . I just REALLY don't like that guy.

Jen said...

Bill O'Reilly is SUCH the jerk.