Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Nominations for Supreme Court


Here's a couple of more sources for you guys to chomp on.

US department of Justice Bio

Bland article

Wikipedia's take

Interesting reading without much opinion.

dKosopedia's Bio

Trying to sell their opinion.


Patrick Armstrong said...

Honestly, he seems very qualified. I think the Democrats will loose a lot of credibility and political capital if they go after this dude just because of who nominated him. I can't really see the right, center or center-left causing too much friction here. That leaves the left-left to stand up and make rear ends of themselves based on the cultural issues that divide America. If they jump at this bait, instead of keeping their powder dry, they might end up handing the next 6 nominations to the right.

My question is, why have they let Karly Rover off the hook for threatening national security for political purposes? I still maintain, as someone who had family work an undercover/office job at the same time, that anytime someone's name gets released to the press under such conditions, that whole family can be put in danger.

I hope the national security & intelligence community realizes their families and careers can be jeopardized by the political hacks in this Adminstration.

Gable said...

Really, I agree with your take on Roberts. He's conservative, but seems to be a fairly reasonable candidate. Personally, I like my supreme court slightly on the conservative side. It generally means that they will be Judging things instead of trying to adjudicate their own brand of legislation. It'll be interesting to see how this court works out over the next few years.