Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Upcoming Events

Stormy Monday

Next Monday, July 18th, will be a night of Democratic Politics in Glynn County!

To start the evening, the Young Democrats Caucus will be meeting in Brunswick at Fox's Pizza Den (Corner of Newcastle and Glouchester Streets Downtown) at 6:00pm. We will be talking about what financial support we can send to our sisters and brothers up in Athens, 'cause the biggest Young Democrats organization in Georgia is the UGA Young Democrats. (If you are reading this up in Athens, and you are a Young Democrat, you should be attending meetings. Tell 'em we sent ya!) We're also going to go over the Student Security Resolution that will present a Democratic Party response to the Glynn County School Boards accreditation issue. (We'll have an official full text copy by then, so show up!) We'll also discuss any additional business we'd like to bring up at the Membership Meeting. (see below) Most of y'all know what I look like (I'll be there eating pizza) but for those that don't I'll have an American Flag flying at my table. Everyone is welcome.

The Main Event is the Glynn County Democratic Party July Meeting! Its in Brunswick's downtown, Monday the 18th 7:30 PM - 09:00 PM
Where: First Methodist Church Miller Building
Monck St (between Glynn Academy and Glouchester: drive to the front of GA and then make a left, then your next left. The parking lot should be full of "Kerry/Edwards" stickers. Or you can meet me at Fox's Pizza and follow me there)
This agenda is a big one, lot of stuff going on, including the Student Security Resolution which will be introduced at the meeting. I'll be sitting in the back, raisin' hell as always! Everyone is welcome at this meeting, too.

After we're done with the fireworks at the Main Event, Democracy for America & co will be truckin' on over to Spanky's Marshside for some late night appetizers and Democratic comraderie. We are a Party, after all! Everyone is encouraged to stop by. You will identify me by the American flag I will be carrying about.

See you there & Tell all yo' frens!

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ruby booth said...

i've been wondering, when do we stop being Young Democrats and start being just regular ol' Democrats?