Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bits and ends...

First up, apparrently, it's not looting if you've been oppressed all your life. Once again, the sense of entitlement comes to life in the most sickening of scenarios. If you ever wonder why some people don't want to leave their homes and businesses during a natural disaster/riot/other disturbance, this is why. Remember, if you will, during the Rodney King riots, the video of the shopkeepers on top of their stores with AK-47s and shotguns and hunting rifles. Those people weren't out for kicks, they were protecting their lives and livelihood from the scum of the earth.

Next - More out of that fine, fine socialist, Hugo Chavez. Apparrently, Senor Chavez, through noted race-pimp Jesse Jackson (no, he's not the Reverend Jesse Jackson. The title of Reverend goes to people who have attended and graduated from a seminary, as well as having a congregation), has announced he it going to sell up to 10% of the oil produced in Venezuela to "poor communities, hospitals, religious communities, schools" in the US.

Well, how thoughtful of him. However, I'm curious as to who, where, and how this windfall of heating oil will be dispersed. I'm sure that Mr. Jackson has an idea or three of how to disperse that oil. It's probably close to how the oil in the oil-for-food program in Iraq was distributed.

Lastly, we go back to good old nutty Cindy. If you still don't think that this woman is an attention whore, take a look at this. Most times, grieving isn't a photo op. Go home, Cindy. Go home.

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