Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dear Mick,

Being that you can't vote, and are generally here at our whim, stop talking now. Had you bothered to gain citizenship by now, you could have free license to write clever songs, but since you couldn't be troubled to do that, piss off.


The Management


Patrick Armstrong said...

Because the Ancient One Mick Jagger is representative of American liberalism...I guess it was a slow news day over at the Drudge "What conservatives don't like today and why liberals are to blame" Report.

S.A.W.B. said...

If cheap-shotting the President and Secretary of State are 'representative of American Liberalism', then you guys are in more trouble than I ever imagined.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Sarcasm, always the wasted art in internet conversation. My bad.

Yes, friends, every time I think about Mick Jagger, I lament his alien status because he would make a great President. (Jagger vs Schwarzenegger in 08!) I also think that the Michael Moore hot air diet really works. And I really do have one of those girl robots adjusting my tin foil hat while I'm here goofing off at work.

Drudge seems to be putting ol' Jaggerbomb up on a pedestal he doesn't deserve. Its something folks on your side do very often on "slow news days." The logic puzzle seems to work this way, in the conservative mind:

1. A lot of liberals don't like Bush.

2. Mick Jagger doesn't like Bush.

3. Liberals are like Mick Jagger. Wanky and British and out of touch with reality! Mwua hah hah!

It's just how you cast us as elite and out of touch and everything. This is how you do it. (More sarcasm: 'Cause I relate to a wanky British has been who never has to worry about money, right?)

He had a hand in some great tunes over the years, but it's time for him to retire. Really Mickie J, put the shirt back on.

ruby booth said...

Come on now, surely even the Drudge report can find better things to talk about than Mick Jagger? This is a man who fled his home country for France because the taxes were too high.

Talking about Mick Jagger like he represents Liberals is like talking about Al Sharpton like he represents Catholics. Every now and then we may agree, but nobody's putting the boy on our posters.

Mick spoke well of Thatcher, for Pete's sake, because she lowered taxes on Britain's richest 1%. If he were American citizen he's comments would have gone a lot more like:
Bush may be full of shit, but, baby, i love it.

Find some real news next time.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Didn't Sharpton try to run for the Papacy last year? I wouldn't put it past him to try. He showed up in Brunswick last Saturday and involved himself in our Mayor's race, for cryin' out loud.

He criticized our current Mayor for his membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and for participating in Civl War reenactments as both Confederate and Union soldiers.

Funny thing is, the incumbent cat isn't even running for Mayor this next cycle because of term limits. But I guess Sharpton just had to find someone in Brunswick to make fun of. I guess that's what its like when you make your money by dividing instead of uniting.

Makes me wish for the days when Jagger was the pundit in chief. ;)

patsbrother said...

Am I the only one who read one of the many online and print articles citing and interview with (I have no idea what) in which Mick Jagger has denied that the phrase "sweet neo con" refers to the President?

Oh, and why should we (or S.A.W.B.) care if Mick Jagger, alien, enjoys free speech? I haven't heard the song: it doesn't call for a pig's head on a stick, does it?