Wednesday, August 24, 2005

How to Dismantle a Conservative Argument

Roundup of Stupid Things

Since so many conservatives want to continue to bring up left wing "moonbats" like Edward Kennedy, Jessie Jackson, Mick Jagger and Michael Moore as individuals who "represent" the left wing, I thought I'd just give us a little look at the folks conservatives respect and what it is they are saying these days.

First of all, we'll get into the most Reverend Pat Robertson. Where to begin, really? I guess we'll just have to start with his advocacy of assassinating democratically elected leaders because he doesn't like them. Now, I don't like President Chavez, and I think he is a communist and a baby despot. I am an avid reader of Publius and Regime Change Iran and Babalu Blog and none of these guys have very nice things to say about him. But even the bloggers have never, to my knowledge, advocated assassination of a democratically elected President.

And I know folks will sit around and say "he stole the election," and "the thing was rigged" despite the fact that Venezuela's entire military apparatus opposes him. But those arguments don't exactly work too well coming from the right wing in this country, not after 2000 and Washington State in 05. C'mon guys, we on the left are supposed to be the sore losermans. And even then, no credible pundit on the left actually got on his own syndicated family channel come see the love of Jesus programming TV show and advocated assassination of a sitting President. (And keep in mind I said credible pundits from the left, so you can't bring up moonbat professors at North Carolina University of Revolutionary Madness or the Society for Ugly People up at [Sc]Air America.) We're talking about someone Middle America kinda looks at with some respect. Or used to.

Here was the response from both Venezuela and the United States Department of Defense. Can you imagine what would have happened here if someone like Jessie Jackson (who doesn't have near as much clout or televangelist money as Pat Robertson) had said something to the effect of this concerning Tony Blair or Australia's Prime Minister? We'd never hear the end of it from Townhall. But not much is being said about it, they all know that the cameras will be off ol' Patty Boy if they just ignore it. One thing the right does have is that they keep their loonies (generally) off TV and on message when they are on TV, while the left just parades our loonies out.

But this is how it feels, righty tighties. Sometimes, we just get a good look at what the folks who run conservo-land really want. Spread Democracy until you vote against us, and then we kill you. This is the Inquisiton coming back after all these years to squash opposition to the 'truth' of a singular man's belief. This is the glaring hole in Neo-Conservative philosophy and why we on the left loose our minds when y'all act like y'all don't know this goes on. This is why we can look at all the reasonable conservatives who make sense economically and ask why you let your party get taken over by the likes of them. These folks aren't family values oriented Christians, they don't love Jesus, they love power, power and more power and they will slit whomever's throats they need to get it by playing off the good in the hearts of so many real Christians. Here it is from one of your greatest fundraisers, one of the guys who has dinner with your side's leaders in their plantation style mansions in Virginia Beach, and here's what he wants.

Own it.


S.A.W.B. said...

Better yet, how to do a touch of research - George Stephanopolus gets a pass for saying we should assassinate Saddam Hussein?, but you're in a tizzy over what a senile Pat Robertson says?

Last I checked, Clinton staff members weren't really conservative. Where is/was the outrage?

By the way, the Venezuelan election runs number 3 in rigging, right behind those fine red Chinese, and the weird beards in Iran.

Washington State '04/'05 - I assume you're talking about the race for Governor, which was stolen by the Democratic machine in Washington?

2000? Are you STILL trying to bring that up? Get over it. George Bush won. He won every recount. Find something else to whine about.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Well, first of all, though I can't stand President Chavez, he does happen to have been elected once, survived a military coup, was reinstated to his position, won a referendum and according to polls, is going to have a strong showing in the next election.

There are demonstrations in the streets both for and against him. The military apparatus of Venezuela can't stand him - but even they couldn't depose him. What did he do, use flower power to stay in office? You never hear much about Venezuela's elections until he won. You have a split electorate down there, just like here. And just like here, the side that does not win says the election was rigged in some way.

Comparing Venezuela's election process to Red China and Iran's is kind of like comparing sour apples to rusty machine guns. I do keep up with this, on the very conservative websites aforementioned.

But here's the rub: if Chavez had no public support, 1) he would not have gotten elected in the first place, 2) he never would have survived a military led coup and 3) would have been voted out in the last referendum. And this is Venezuela we are talking about, if there was really that big of a deal they'd kick his commie ass right back across the Carribean to Cuba. But they are a functional democratically elected government, meaning this: we have got to let the other side work against him politically. Which is, to their credit, what they are doing.

Stephanopolus was arguing that we change our policy towards assassinating leaders of other nations when those leaders (like Saddam Hussien) are brutal, unelected dictators of repressive regimes who have killed their way to power and who are involved in a shooting war with the United States of America. Your boy Robertson was advocating the assassination of a sitting President of a functional, if not perfect, democratic nation that still maintains all diplomatic, social and economic ties with the United States of America. Therein lies part of the difference.

The other part of the equation comes from the fact that Stephanopolus was making an academic argument that the US change a policy. Robertson said "go take him out."

Stephanopolus has also never asked people for money on TV because God needs the cash.

And after all the crap your side has given mine about being sore losermans, you guys do not get to go around and do the same thing with impunity. My side, the Left owns the sore loserman moniker, so when you guys lose really real elections, y'all just have to accept it. Every single time y'all call for a recount on any election ever again ever, we are bringing it up. We own that now, get your own pouty monster. Sorry, bud, but that's letting your side's alligator mouth overload your side's grasshopper rear end.

What's next? You gonna tell me there's some vast, left wing conspiracy that is actually running the country right now? What are we doing, secretly biding our time before we unleash the left wing hordes upon America? Y'all being in control of everything right now is just our deceptive fascade? Put down the Clinton playbook and keep letting Pat Robertson speak for you.