Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mascot Fight on Sports Page

Mascot Fight

I think I may have put this post on the wrong page of Hurricane Radio. Its all about the new NCAA rules concerning school mascots. But sometimes, politics and sports get all mixed up with the thought and speech police show up to keep folks from having fun. There are some traditions that are actually harmful, but mascots aren't really one of them. This is one of the issues that has always seperated me from the bleeding heart left, and something that enrages me about ideolouges who choose to value political correctness over politeness, respect and common sense.

And I kinda turned the issue on it's ear. Modest proposal style. I am the product of generations of Irish babies, after all...


Buzzzbee said...

I’m with you 100% on this one. Not only is this totally ridiculous, behavior like this gets associated with all of us on the left. People assume that these people (extremists who find, among other things, mascots offensive) are representative of all of us. Instead of trying to separate ourselves from the party when stuff like this comes up, we have to speak out and let people know that these beliefs aren't shared by average Progressives.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Yup. Mr. Mohr adds his voice to the cacophony (and apparently he and I are of one mind) here.

Not only that, it looks like cooler heads will prevail in this one anyway. Big touchdown vs. stupidity here.

Now that's the kind of quick turnaround one sees when consensus is reached and the people speak with one strong voice.