Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pushing Back

Ex-Marine for Congress. As a Democrat. My kind of Democrat. A Bloody Nose Democrat. Taking on the right wing in the reddest part of Ohio Democrat. Boy, we need more like him in our Party. I was waiting for the Swift Boat Boneheads to do a number on him. This guy lost, by the way, but not by much.

And on the world stage, it appears we may have a really real Palestinian leader in Abbas. This guy is saying all the right things at all the right times, and I think he is earnestly working for the Palestinian majority that just wants peace and quiet, a roof over their heads, and to come out of their 40 years in the desert.

On this topic, more from Israel:
The lunatic fringe wants no part of peace, and everyday Israelis will suffer. Here, one of these fanatics goes on a killing spree, proving that Arabs aren’t the only terrorists. Here are the “Tent People” who want nothing more than confrontation with the Israeli Army.

Bonehead Minister Netanyahu resigns from the Cabinet to stir up more discord. The story no longer exists online! But in any case, Netanyahu waited until the end of the last Cabinet meeting to hand in his letter of resignation to Prime Minister Sharon. He then went to the media and said he had a clear conscience. Let’s forget that the 9000 “settlers” in Gaza are surrounded by 1.8 million Palestinians and are protected by a huge contingent of the Israeli Army. Protecting these individuals, who choose to live on other people’s land, costs Israel several billion dollars (US) per year. Let’s forget that these individuals live there in flagrant violation of the same international law that the United States of America drafted back in 1948. Let’s also forget that Gaza is not Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv, where these individuals could engage in commerce and industry far more advanced than where they are. Let’s further forget that these individuals knowingly put their families and their children into a war zone, they put the soldiers that protect them in danger, and their clashes with the Palestinians put regional peace in danger. What I want you to remember is that these individuals, in doing what they are doing, have clear consciences.

What I hope is that majority, everyday Israelis see this for what it is.

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