Monday, August 08, 2005

Seriously, you guys...

Trying to open sealed adoption records is bad, mmkay. For the record, ALL adoption records are sealed by the state. Trying to get into them to see if there *MIGHT* have been some irregularity is stooping pretty low, although for the New York Times, this may just be business as usual now.

In other news:

Is this really the best you guys have, paT? Sending out some mid-level flunkie to chastise President Bush for being FIT? And throwing Title IX in there too? I mean, that's grasping for straws if i've ever seen it. Since when is it the responsibility of the Federal Government to ensure that kids are exercising enough? And the Title IX thing? That sounds like a personal vendetta to me.

Also, can someone just go ahead and off this fool for me? Please?


Patrick Armstrong said...

1. Boy, reporters acting shady. Let me get my shocked face on. Luckily, Drudge, Limbaugh, Horowitz, O'Reilly, The Despised Coulter, Hannity et al engage in the same type of "nothing is sacred" journalism. It comes from the tattletale society we live in where its more important to bring people down than lift people up.

2A. I must say right now that I have no idea what the strategy is behind the Democrats going after Bush on fitness and Title IX in the same argument. But since my Party's whole strategy (with the exception of Dr. Dean) seems to be "shoot from the hip" and "pray."

2B. The Federal government is involved with schools in so many ways, and they can pretty much dictate to cash strapped States how to operate their programs. Since, under the Every Child's Needs Ignored Act that Bush is responsible for, schools are now encouraged to teach meaningless and religiously correct standardized tests instead of actually educating children, schools are putting all of their resources behind preparing 5 year olds for the SAT's instead of playground time. I remember my playground time from elementary school and I wouldn't want to give it up. I can tell you where Bush and his test happy psycobabble pinheads can stuff those standardized exams!

2C. Title IX. What Mr Mid Level Democrat is mad about is the switcheroo on how to determine need for Title IX. Bush et al want to use non-scientific internet polls where non-votes are counted in the "against" column. That means if people don't show up in droves to vote FOR Title IX, they can start cutting back the program. They've tried this crap before with things like school uniforms and longer school days, and I hate it. Not responding to a poll is very different than going out and voting "yes" or "no" on an actual ballot.

Hell, if we counted No-shows as "NO"-votes, we wouldn't have had a two term President since Eisenhower.

But that's how your side likes to do things, announce a ballot and tell people what and who they "really" voted for.

C. The British Parliamentarian. Could someone please what? Maybe you want to edit that, after all, no matter how much of a bonehead, he's still an elected official, and we here in the West still take threats semi-seriously. I sure would hate to get a call from MI-5 because someone on my blog was making threatening statements...

S.A.W.B. said...

Yeah, the British Parlimentarian who has been disowned by his own party, and seems to be treading a really thin line between exercising his rights to speak, and the big T that the Brits announced they are bringing off the bench.

That's right kids, it's Treason time. Go google some of George Galloway's statements. It really is interesting reading.

As for getting a call from MI-5, you may want to adjust your tinfoil hat. Oh, and look up the definition of 'threat' again. My statement was just wishful thinking.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Well, since not many of us voted for Galloway, I guess we can rest easy. Yeah, there are gonna be some pinheads that try to defend him, but watch how many reasonable people jump to his aid. There won't be many.

I wonder what he did that could be counted as treason...did he leak the names of undercover National Security personnel to the press? And if that doesn't count, how bad does he have to be, exactly, for them to bring the big "T" off the bench?

As for my tinfoil hat: It is currently being adjusted by my new robotic companion from Japan.

What? You don't think I already had one on layaway (pun intended)?


S.A.W.B. said...

I don't know if he did leak the names of formerly undercover operatives who were no longer undercover, and therefore not protected by Federal statute to the press. So Robert Novak is in the clear on that.

Lemme know when you guys find out who Judith Miller is protecting, since she's still in jail and all. I think we can all safely assume that her source was NOT Karl Rove.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Did I say anything about Big ChickeNovak or Karly Red Rover? Why on Earth would lead you to the conclusion that those detestable individuals were who I was speaking of?


S.A.W.B. said...

Who in the hell else would you be speaking of? I mean, you don't exactly have clever nicknames for anyone on your side, like Dr. Victor von Dean. I'll give you 10-1 odds that you weren't talking about Joe Wilson purposely outing his wife, or anyone else who dislikes the current administration...

Patrick Armstrong said...

Hey, man, I'm just talking about the big "T" Treason and the many paths taken to get there.

(Remember, I've read up on Ann Coulter, and according to her, people like me are the second greatest threat to the Republic after the Soviet Union. Upon hearing that, I became, one could say, attentive to usage of the word.)

If, when I started talking of Treason, you went and thought of your boys Rove and Novak first, that ought to tell you something.

I was just speaking hypothetically, after all.