Monday, August 29, 2005

Taste and Class III

Speaking of protesters...

I know I've said that when a counter-protest (or angry mob whooping your butt) outnumbers your protest 100 to 1, there is no story. I was wrong, in this instance at least.

Warning: What you are about to read is perhaps the most vile and insensitive protest I have ever heard about.

Question: What is worse than anti-war protesters bothering wounded soldiers at Walter Reed?

Answer: These individuals who were actually chased away from their protest site: a church and cemetary where families were actually burying their sons killed at war. The really bad part of it is: this isn't the first time this group has done something like this.

You want to talk about the lowest of the low, I think these guys just about win that award hands down. I'd like to send a message to every city permit granter out there: turn these guys down when they ask for a permit, and make them sue you to get it done. There is a difference between discrimination and discretion that I hope the docket that one lands in will understand.


Anonymous said...

"Warning: What you are about to read is perhaps the most vile and insensitive protest I have ever heard about."

And I thought..."Finally...he's realized the power of the darkside..."

Alas, no. :)


S.A.W.B. said...

Ah, Fred Phelps, and the fine people of Westboro Baptist Church.

These people are on a fringe ring with the Mormon/LDS sect that is living in the Arizona and Utah deserts, practicing polygamy. Neither group is a recognized part of a larger religous fanbase.

Sooner or later, Fred and his band of nutjobs will dry up and blow away. In the meantime, realize that they may be the only church in the world that is completely non-discriminatory: they hate everyone equally.

Patrick Armstrong said...

As far as nutjobs drying up and blowing away (and how very, very disturbing those particular words strung together may be on so many levels...), I thought the same thing about PETA a long, long time ago.

(checking watch)