Saturday, August 27, 2005

Taste and Class (Number 2)...

Shill Game

Question: What's worse than an overrated anti-war protest?
Answer: "Conservative" radio "personalities" being so scared of overrated anti-war protesters that they whitewash their websites. Like our "Make It Up as You Go Along" Weekly Award Winner, Rush Limbaugh!

What a piece of work this guy is. And before you conservatives jump the gun, I listened to homeboy's show for years, and watched his TV show when it was syndicated all those years ago (when he had a real fanbase). Dude has his moments, and he can be really funny when not in the depths of an oxycontin binge, but he's the pioneer of the "What Conservatives Don't Like Today and Why Liberals Are to Blame Radio." Which is like today's version of yellow journalism. He was writing the right's playbook back when he still had a shot of having a sports journalism career (he screwed that up by saying Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles was overrated because he was dark of complexion, for those who have forgotten).

So, here he is backing off his comments on the Cindy Sheehan story. It's easy to whitewash your boo-boos when you require folks to sign up for your sensory overload website. (And this is the guy who used to criticize the left for not being forthcoming with what they said...) I went there so I could double check Olbermann's reporting, and I found this link for August 15. Not much there if you're not a subscriber. So much for that "full disclosure" thing.

What is very, very interesting is the link at the bottom of the page, comparing Howard Dean and Senator John McCain, and making fun of both of them. When I clicked on the transcript link of the "Why Conservatives don't like John McCain" I was directed this interview.

But what I really don't get is why a "conservative" shill like Rush Lim-blah would make fun of and prepare his reader/listenership to criticize Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, Decorated Vietnam Veteran. McCain is one of the strongest frontrunners, among voters in both Republican and Democratic camps for the Presidency in 2008!

I guess that's what the right wing really thinks about constructive conservatism and the American Consensus: they don't like it! Pay attention all you Moderate Republicans, you cats are being marginalized by the shill machine of your own party. They defend indefensible comments from "God needs you to give me money and assassinate people I don't like" Pat Robertson and make gaffes at the expense of really real conservatives who are proven and effective leaders like Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, Decorated Vietnam Veteran.

Just thought I'd bring that to your attention.

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Patrick Armstrong said...


This from very conservative "Don't take Pat Robertson seriously." I guess we should only listen to ol' Patty boy when he says "God says that he needs money and that you need to give it to me," and "vote for George W. Bush," just not when he says assassinate sitting Presidents of countries who aren't a threat to us."

Keep it up, fanboy. Keep defending the indefensible. Here's the mic, go to it.

Then our author goes on to describe religions you should be frightened of: a veiled refrence to the "Islam is evil" argument applied by so many right wing "Christians have always been good conquerors." Fortunately, some of us actually studied really real history in school and remember that ol' boy's comparison could be any number of things that have nothing to do with Islam. I have created a short list for you to explore:
The Roman Empire
The Byzantine Empire
The Ottoman Empire
The Holy Roman Empire (Roman Empire II)
The Spanish Empire
The French Empire
The British Empire
The Russian Empire
The Soviet Unition
The regins of Joshua, Samuel and David of the Old Testament
The Third Reich (Roman Empire III)
The Invisible Empire (better known as the KKK, a Christian organization who happened to bomb the 16th Street Baptist Church in my birthplace of Birmingham, Alabama, and who continue to firebomb other Christian Southerners they don't like.)

The list goes on and on and on. It only proves one thing: there are unreasonable people who say and do indefensible things in every society of every religion and culture and color and creed. When you defend the indefensible, like this bonehead over at Townhall, you are nothing more than a historical revisionist and an apologist for the bad guys.

Pay attention, ladies and gentlemen, my friends on the left and the really real conservatives in the center with me: these are the folks the far right listens to. This is how they want things to be.