Thursday, August 25, 2005

Taste and class...

Quick, what's the best place to hold a tasteful, anti-war demonstration? Well, apparrently, it's outside the entrance to Walter Reed Army Hospital.

Come on guys. Seriously. Have some class, and go find a better place to hold your protest. I don't care what you think of the war. Leave the soldiers who are recuperating, both physically and mentally, in peace.

Oh, and for the charachter named 'Luke' in the article, I'll bet dollars for donuts that the closest he's come to serving in the Armed Forces was watching a Rambo movie once...


Meredith said...

So besides disturbing the patients who need rest in order for the bodies to heal properly, they have to line up coffins? This protest would seem more appropriate for outside of a recruitment office, if that. It's just cruel to the people who were injured serving for their country, regardless of what group the protestors claim to be a part of.

It also seems like an ill-conceived marketing strategy.

Patrick Armstrong said...

First of all, there is nothing lower than the activist-for-activist sake protest crowd. (See: PCU, the movie) Second, we have what is called a 'citizen army,' this means that soldiers, injured or not, can generally speak for themselves - they don't need namby pamby hippie wannabes to do it for them. Third, protests like this are counterproductive and serve only to highten the idea that folks who disagree with the war are outside the American mainstream. Mainly because folks that have nothing better to do with their time than protest the war are outside the American Mainstream. (Most of us in the American Mainstream have jobs or school that tend to get in the way of us making rear ends out of ourselves...) If these 'protesters' really wanted to do something about the war, they'd cut their hair, take showers, get real jobs and start showing up and contributing to their local Democratic Party and DFA, and actually try and understand why people hate them when they protest.

These people compare, in my mind, to those persecution complex Christians who put 10 Commandment monuments up in the hope the ACLU will show up to 'persecute' them. (Because asking someone to stop being unreasonable counts today as persecution...) Like the anti-war protestors, these individuals have got to preach to their particular choir. They're not going to change anything, they just want their 15 minutes of fame, and the "cred" that comes along with saying "I protest the war/suffer for my faith." To them I say: Jesus didn't crucify himself after calling a press conference. Stop acting like children.

Needless to say, I don't like very many of those people very much. I think most of them should be fed to the lions by us really real Americans.

But let me take a look at this "article." The video footage would not load on my computer, so I may be way off base here, but the article itself didn't quote numbers of protesters. (Besides, video streams made the 60 fanatics outside a Florida hospital look like 600 during the Terry Schiavo privacy invasion.) So this could mean that the protesters "targeting the wounded" (as if that wasn't a loaded headline, these protesters, boneheads as they are, are targeting Bush & Company, they're just idiots who can't figure out a savvy way to do it) might number as low as three. According to the article, that is.

All this for three protesters? Cute. Did anyone check to see if there was a trendy coffeeshop across the street? That could explain this whole thing. And anytime you interview the biggest yahoo there, he's gonna say some dumb things. Just like when a tornado hits a trailer park, the dumbest dude there is always the first one to the microphone. Maybe it should be noted that anytime a "counterdemonstration" outnumbers the "protesters" by a margin of 100 to 1 (like down in Texas), you don't have an issue. Just have the boneheads arrested for littering.

So yes, these folks have no class nor talent nor anything better to do than make rear ends of themselves, but who's really paying attention? Walter Reed is getting shut down by the Bush adminsitration anyway, and we could talk about how this White House treats Veterans, but we're wasting ink on as little as three lousy nitwits who are given power by the conservative media outlets.

Why, then, does the conservative media present these boneheads to us? Because of the conservo-logic puzzle that we have already seen in action.

1. These 'protesters' are boneheads who have no class, no talent, and nothing better to do than bother wounded soldiers.
2. These 'protesters' don't like the war or President Bush.
3. Liberals don't like the war or President Bush.
4. Liberals are all no class, no talent, who have nothing better to do than bother wounded soldiers. Just like Mick Jagger! How wanky and out of touch and British and rich these bad liberals are.

That's why we're reading about as little as three boneheads in Washington, whom everyone in America agrees are boneheads while persecution complex Christians like Pat Robertson continue to call for the assassination of elected sitting Presidents of soverign nations who pose no threat to the United States of America.

But this one may backfire, as a growing number of Americans are growing increasingly worried about the war, and are getting increasingly tired of the persecution complex Christians who have taken over the Republican Party.

My $0.02