Saturday, September 03, 2005

Back in Memphis

Home again. Two FEMA workers were on the plane with me: headed first to Memphis and then points South.
We've got waves of refugees here; since for once we're not flooded and everyone South of us is.
Unfortunately, the storms which radiated out from Katrina put the Memphis power grid on the blink.
Nevertheless, most of the local churches are open as shelters.
The restaurants are stepping up, and not just by sending food to the shelters. Servers aren't taking tips. Almost everywhere food is half price to anyone from Mississippi, Alabama, or Louisiana, and many of the more expensive places are comping their meals outright.
CompUSA has free internet available for refugees, which may sound frivolous, but any means to contact loved ones at this point is a plus.
Taking the cake for initiative though, one church got a big-ole moving truck from somewhere. It's parked at one of our busy intersections taking donations. When it's full of food, water, clothing, etc., they're just heading that thing South.
Memphis can't find its back with both hands most of the time, but floods we understand.

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