Friday, September 23, 2005

Bad Day All Around

It would be more appropriate if today were a Monday.

First of all Hurricane Rita is here and making lives miserable everywhere. She hasn't even made landfall yet, and she's already bringing down the levees in New Orleans. GulfSails is obviously having a busy day alternating between rants like these, making new friends out over at PETA and keeping up with the deteriorating weather conditions (all over his site).

Far reaching effects have made it all the way to Georgia, where the Governor has asked schools to remain closed on Mondays and Tuesday to conserve fuel for the predicted shortage. (I hope that doesn't last long, I've got to be in Athens on Thursday!)

But, luckily, there are still smart alexes out there in the world, continuing to do what they do best: making us smile at things like this in spite of ourselves...

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Meredith said...

He may have a point. If so, the last time the guy was in a boat.