Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blogstorm Katrina Roundup

Slate casts a pretty good net of all the high traffic blogs and what is being said where about Hurricane Katrina.

This one runs the gauntlet. Racism in the media. Cops joining in the looting (I pray they're just putting stuff back, but I fear the worst...) to Robert Kennedy Jr, Pat Robertson, Haley Barbor, and jihadists all playing the blame game as to why the hurricane happened. You can bet that God figures prominently in many of those discussions, and there is a great deal of Monday morning quarterbacking going on as if they were on the steps of the Superdome themselves. I wonder if they've ever heard about being part of the problem.

What I love to see, however, is how everyone from the aforementioned St Simons Tribune(tabloid) to the Bearfoot Hookers to the millions of other Americans who are pouring money, blood and effort into the relief effort and who are being part of the solution. I love to see so many are ignoring the pundits and the blame game and are instead working to fix the problem. If you've ever wanted to see what makes America kick ass, that would be it: the millions doing those little things without fanfare or curtian calls or press conferences to help complete strangers in times of need.

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