Wednesday, September 28, 2005

For the fingers in the ears crowd...

More tidbits from my new favorite media darling.

John McCain is now a war-monger.

paT, your battle to reclaim your party just went uphill a little further. You're going to lose the middle real fast, the longer she talks.

As an added fun note, check out what I assume is Cindy's mugshot from her little protest the other day. In the words of Austin Powers, "That's a MAN, baby!"

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Patrick Armstrong said...

Not so fast, my friend. The middle and center-left is just as tired of them as we are of Bush & Company. Case and point: Check out the Daily Show's take on this particular issue. These particular showboats are about to make themselves irrelevant, especially with the new primetime network news show: Tom DeLay, Front and Center.

Though the crazies on the left may have the microphone, but the rank 'n file is ready to do battle again, for the soul of the Party as well as the soul of the country.