Thursday, September 01, 2005

Looking Down

Hat tip to SciGuy, who links us to the Landsat Satellite views of New Orleans from above. The best part about this image is that I know my families' homes (and at least one restaurant) are probably still dry. What strikes fear in my heart is that the high ground is where all the human anarchy is happening.

St Simons Update
The news that the Governor was shutting down pumps across the state at 5pm almost triggered a panic at our gas stations. There are several down thisaway who have already run out of gasoline. Luckily, some of our more responsible citizens were able to activate phone trees or poker nights to keep people away from the pumps and tamp some reasonability down on top of the ugly head of madness that was beginning to rear. While folks were still going to the pumps late into the night (fearful of additional gas prices coming for Labor Day) the tension had simmered down. I guess all we had to do was realize that folks 700 miles to our west have it much, much worse.

Last year on the Island, Memorial Day was ruined by the G8 & Labor Day was ruined by last year's hurricanes. This year, Labor Day is screwed because of gasoline prices. The service industry on the island is not happy. Travel this weekend or in the near future, your vacation spots need the cash!

Ruby has left St Simons for Memphis. We will miss her, but we know she will feel better once she gets home.

And, for some more lighter hearted news, St Simons has our own online tabloid. It is very raunchy (and anyone who has heard my Mullet Bay stories knows I ain't lyin') while being funny. I will forward the link to any adults who wish to view it (email me for it) but I am hesitant to put an actual link to it on this site. I will have to view it more closely in the coming days to make that decision. (But Corwynsworld is on this site, so it's a good bet this one will go up soon.) It is called the St. Simons Tribune for you google searchers.

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