Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Loony Brigade (2)

We can talk about the crazies at the microphone till the cows come home. One thing we do have to keep in mind is that those crazy individuals will rarely have an impact on our lives other than to be stupid in public and either enrage or embarass us.

What of the brain-dead folks who have a real impact on our lives and who rarely get called on it? Like developers who abandon architectural utility in order to turn a quick profit? My new sage GulfSails has some great thoughts on that particular discussion here.

There's a reason I'd rather live in a hundred year old house rather than a 40 year old house, and that's got as much to do with asthetic-as-utility as it does with historical preservation.

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patsbrother said...

Convenient that you live on St. Simons, and can see disutility without leaving home! (Or, at least, without walking more than five feet from your parents' own yard.) At least its not like Athens or Atlanta, where people clear-cut huge tracts of land, plant disposable houses, then wonder why the sun and its heat hate them so much. A favorite example, every school in GA and almost every business built since WWI. All with flat roofs, all because that was cheaper than the heat-reducing, rain-sheering brilliance of gabled roofs. Because re-tarring a roof every two years and repairing it each time it begins to leak onto the ceiling tiles is cheaper than paying up front.