Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Speaking of the Center

And Their Opinions

I realized by just sitting here typing tonight that the folks who are most angry with Silly Sheehan and the Protest People are folks like my Moms. For all those with questions, my Moms represents the folks who are Fox News and Weather Channel junkies. A kidnapping in Aruba is more important to them than national security, they think folks like me are trying to destroy the country and want to tell me all about it when I'm trying to watch football.

That's your "Center?"

I'll show you who is middle America, Joe Six-Pack, ordinary guys and gals stuck in extraordinary situations and mad at Hell at people who really screwed up because they lived through the screw ups. The folks who hate PETA and FEMA and can give good reasons why. Go check GulfSails' deconstruction of what happened down in Louisiana, and find out what folks in the middle are really thinking about. Read the comments, too, if you really want an expose!

Let's see the right tell us how much safer we are these days now that the "National Security and Catastrophe Management Government" lost the first American metropolis since the Civil War. Let's see how many more "unprecedented" disasters can befall us with the right at the helm. Let's see the right tell us how moral they are in the midst of so much incompetent cronyism. Let's see the right sell us on how much more we need to worry about Silly Sheehan and the Protest People while we're drowning in standing water. Let's see Barbara Bush tell us to eat cake one more time down in the midst of catastrophe.

Which way will the Center go this next time? I think we're all wet, and it ain't all rain.


patsbrother said...

Pat, I wish I had time to respond to you every day. But then there's law school. So I'll just leave you with this entirely random thought:

On, in the special section below Tom Delay's picture, about his downgrading yesterday, was this lovely byline:

"Republicans fill leadership gap"

That they do...that they do...

Dante said...

A lot of people like to think they're in the center but they're really not. They say things like, "Well, I voted for a Democrat in the last election." which is the equivalent of saying "I'm not racist. I have a black friend." It happens on both sides. I'll give you a quick test.

If you're still mad about Sheehan, you're not in the Center. You're on the Right.

If you carried a grudge for the Republicans over Clinton's impeachment that lasted all the way to an election, you're not in the Center. You're on the Left.

If you still hold a grudge at CBS over those phony Bush documents, you're not in the Center. You're on the right.

Last but not least, if you're still upset about the screwups in New Orleans and FEMA's incompetence, you're not in the Center. You're squarely on the left.

The real "Center" is a dodgy crowd. Their memories are short and they don't really care who in the gov't dropped a ball unless that ball lands on them. The Center's biggest concern over these recent hurricanes is the price of gasoline. The Center voted for Reagan because his response to that question about his age in the 84 election. The Center voted for Clinton because Bush didn't know how to operate a scanner at a grocery store. That's the Center. They're in the middle because they don't care about policy and procedure. They're there because they just want to vote for whoever relates to them the most and scares them the least.

patsbrother said...

And if you watch Sex in the City, you're not in the center. You're left of center (and probably gay).

If you own a gun, you're not in the center. You're right of center (and think women are property).

If you eat tomatoes, you're not in the center. You're in a small cage outside the backdoor because you're a rabbit.

Then there's that one guy with the old school Gene Wilder Wonka-office that has everything split down the middle: that guy's the center.


I answered yes to each of the hypotheticals posited in the last comment. Perhaps the test is flawed; perhaps I failed the test.

1. New Orleans was better off with a military presence; John McCain is not a warmonger because you disagree with him. I will grant you Mrs. Sheehan does not matter enough to me for me to be continuously mad; however, every third day she puts in an encore.

2. Check. A two year ordeal because a man didn't kiss and tell? What, is the rule you can screw up as much as you want as long as you aren't getting any?

3. Damn straight, at very least I'm still annoyed at CBS. They unnecessarily over-packed the cannon and it backfired. They fact-checked everything in that story but those damn documents and because they got trigger happy the whole thing was explained away as evil liberal media conspiracy? I could have had a flipflopping Yankee president to bitch about, but no, it's still the damn Texan.

4. If half of what is alleged is true, then yeah, kinda still pissed about gobs of government money earmarked to help people in emergency situations being used ineffectively and inefficiently.