Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Unraveling the blame game...

So, it appears that perhaps the ebil President George W. Bush may not be at the heart of the gigantic foul up that is/was the evacuation of New Orleans. Now, it comes out, that President Bush offered federal assistance on the first day after the hurricane, but Louisiana Governor, Kathleen Blanco, said she needed 24 hours to make a decision.

The smoke you smell is the loony left trying to figure out how to spin this to still be President Bush's fault...


Patrick Armstrong said...

Spin this?

You've got to be kidding! Noone has to spin the view of this game of duck and cover. You mean, after a week and a half of trying to pin all the blame on Mayor Nagin, he suddenly becomes the right's star witness against the governor? Not to mention the credibility problems our President has anyway.

I'm tired of the left trying to blame only the President & Co. I'm tired of the right trying to blame only the Governor & Mayor & Co. They are all to blame for this!

When it was flash to bang time, and everyone who had really real jobs to do (the rescuers & volunteers and heroes in the middle of this mess) was looking for who was in charge of the response they were met with deafening silence from the folks "in charge."

These characters are all just trying to get their stories straight. No need for spin here.

patsbrother said...

Along with the inanity of the blame game (otherwise known as two pudgy white men playing 'Oh no, she didn't' on their computers), I will reiterate in front of God and all my need for Patrick to stop modifying adjectives with themselves (in a "really real" bad way) and spelling "no one" as "noone", which just looks like plain Engrish to me.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Bub, if you don't like what we play, turn off the radio, or start a new thread. We're out here actually debating things, and you're having problems with semantics.

I always find it enlightening that those who would qualify as 'academics' always want to ignore the point of the debate and would rather argue syntax. Did you ever wonder why that 'correctness' platform never works with really real people who vote? People don't want to get lectured, especially about the way that they talk.

Go and watch some Blue Collar Comedy if you don't get it.

And, there happens to be a "really real" reason I use the term "really real," and will continue to do so. I have explained why at length, and I though someone who holds an English degree would understand the value of context, and where I use that term.

It ain't jest some St. Sizzle's Izzle dizzle doggy fizzle, 's what I'm sayin'.