Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bush and Bono

from's caption contest:
"You must be thinking of a different Jesus."

(just a little light comedy in a world gone mad)


Meredith said...

Sorry Ruby, but I just don't see that as comedy, but more as an example of belittling a movement that is working to help save a continent from AIDS. That's just not funny. Do they just have no clue what is being done?

patsbrother said...

As former history professor and authority on the Confederacy, Prof. Emory Thomas frequently told us the following about history and, I belive, life in general. "You can take it as a drama, or you can take it as a comedy. Personally, I take it for comedy."

After being shot and just before being administered anesthesia, Reagan told his doctors, "I hope you're all Republicans."

I also freely admit Life is Beautiful makes me cry.

Humor does not offend a subject's seriousness any more than it renders it a nullity. That, I have found on more than one occasion, is left to the misuse of tact.

ruby booth said...

Certainly, Meredith, I can't speak for whether that specific humorist is familiar with the work being done. They might have no idea that Bush and Bono talk and in fact pray together about how best to handle not only the epidemic itself, but also the widespread poverty and destabilization, which exacerbates the already devastating results of AIDS in Africa. They might think this photo was simply a reprise of the Nixon and Elvis shot so many years ago. I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt and to assume that, while knowledgeable about the specific purposes behind the meeting, they took the opportunity to express a different, but valid sentiment – the accurate assessment that many Christians feel at least alienated by, if not downright angry with, Bush’s version of their faith.

They say if you have to explain it, it ain’t funny. So I guess this one missed its mark, but I respectfully disagree with the idea that it belittles or trivializes the effort in Africa. No matter how grateful we are that, at least in one instance, President Bush's faith has resulted in positive effort, I think it's fairly safe to say, even though they have been able to find common ground, President Bush and Bono have differing ideas about faith in general and the message of Christ in particular. Not only that, but Bush's views on the subject differ widely from many Christians – something discussed extensively both in this blog and in the media at large. Therein lies the humor. The caption reflects a larger sense of bafflement. Many folks, when hearing Bush talk about his faith, about his particular idea of Jesus, might well say to themselves: “You must be thinking of a different Jesus.”

Meredith said...

The problem that I have with "humor" of this is that instead of using the image to promote a movement that's (so far) doing only good, someone decides to spin it into a statement that can harm what's trying to be accomplish. It's really a matter of personal responsibility. should know what's going on. If not, then they're not doing a good job as a media source/commentary/etc. There is so much humor in the world, but making up mockeries of movements like this are tactless, poor taste, and possibly harmful. I believe in freedom of speech, but with that freedom comes responsibility. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Nothing at all against you, Ruby. They could have just done without that for the most part.

Interesting point though . . . alot of Christians felt the same way about Bono. Some still do, and others didn't know what was going on. :)

Jen said...

I won't comment on the humor, but you'd think Bono could have at least worn a tie to the White House. Sheesh. (He's still damn sexy.)

Meredith said...

at least he didn't wear flip-flops! I know he likes his shades, but why there?