Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The American Street

Sometimes I think my folks have been brainwashed by the Fox News line, and they get to thinkin' that maybe all (or most) Muslims support terrorism. I often tell them this is not the case. Then they ask me to prove it. Well, here it is. Front page, by the way, leading story. Thank you MSNBC.

Oh yeah, and for all of us older than 14, a little reminder. Happy Anniversary. We won.

Update: 11/15/05
Thanks to Jen for bringing up that the old title link to this post (which can be found here) has very little to do with my first paragraph thesis that not all Muslims support terrorism. When I copied and pasted the URL from MSNBC, it was about the Jordanians going into the street to curse Zarqawi's name and curse terrorism. At some point between the time I posted on this blog and when Jen read the link, the article at that particular URL had changed. That's the second time this has happened with me and MSNBC this month. (I don't want to hear it, SAWB...) I think there is a rouge intern running around who can't figure out how to create a new URL for new articles. Heck I can't even find the old article I was supposed to be linking to.

So what do you do when the MSM lets you down? Go to the blogosphere, of course. My new title link (which can be found by clicking on this post's title above or by clicking right here, can be found manually by going to PubliusPundit, scrolling down the sidebar on the left until you see the "MidEast Section" and clicking on "Jordan."

This is actually a better article than the one I linked to before, so hopefully that will make more sense then the way this article may have read at first to everyone.

-The Management


dadvocate said...

As one who lived through the nightmares of the Cuban missile crises and Cold War, I can't express the quiet, powerful joy I felt when the wall came down. And, it is actually refreshing to see the Jordanians' reaction to the bombings. I have read predictions that the downfall of the terrorists will be that they will lose Muslim support. It appears to be coming true.

Jen said...

I agree that not all Muslims are terrorists, but I do not see how the article confirms that.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Well, no, as a matter of fact my lead article does not prove that not all Muslims are terrorists.

Some intern and MSNBC has been messing me up lately. The article I was really trying to post concerned all the thousands of Jordanians in the streets demonstrating against Al-Zarqawi and terrorism. It was a great article. I copied the URL and pasted it here for all of us to see. You can imagine my surprise, however, when I clicked on my own link and came up with something very different.

I don't like it when the things I say don't make sense.

Not a very happy blogger...

I will try and find the original article so you can see what I'm talking about.

ruby booth said...

oh thank goodness for the correct link! i kept reading that other article, thinking "but patrick she is a terrorist." i was so confused.

Jen said...

Thanks for the new link (the last one). However, I think any leader of a country would condemn those trying to destroy his/her country. But does Jordan stand up to terrorism against other nations? Not so much.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Did America stand up to terrorism in other countries before 9/11? Maybe in a few instances, but we could have done better. We probably should have.

If left to their own devices, nations will focus in on themselves, and outside problems will be just that: outside problems. A nation will live in a bubble until she's under the knife. Even then, the knife at her own throat is the most important, and must be dealt with immediately.

Jordan, with the exception of her Kings, is generally one of those places where the mainstream population doesn't see much wrong with terrorism, as long as its directed at other people. I could mention a few other nations that used to have that worldview, but I'd get in trouble for saying it.

That's why I thought it was so encouraging to see folks in the streets cursing terrorism and cursing Zarqawi. I don't care how they arrive at the conclusion that terrorism is bad, as long as they get there.

Remember, Hitler did have to declare war on the United States of America before we sent anyone to get rid of him.

For some more answers, here's another link of interest.