Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Election Smackdown

While many pundits may speak primarily about elections held in Virginia, North Carolina and California, with the lefties saying that incumbents winning is something new (maybe it is for them) and the righties saying it doesn't really matter (which is true but not in the ways they think it is) the really real news happened in a small Pennsylvania town.

The rallying cry for the far, far-right wing Christians has been 'put God back in schools' (as if He was ever really kicked out). Well, I've got an old line and a new line for this debate. The old one "Give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's and give to God what is God's." Sort of a ringing endorsement of keeping Church and State seperate, from the mouth of the Carpenter in Chief Himself. My new line: Put God Back in Churches. We live in a plural society where we have just as many different Christian faiths as non-Christian ones. Faith is an intensely personal decision. Picking a primarily evangelical creation story to teach in publicly funded science classes not only makes me mad as an American but also as a Catholic.

Though I have advocated, in the past, the teaching of a 'Creation Mythology' class in schools (combining the mythos of ancient cultures, today's religions and evolution side by side - and as a historian, still something I do think is a good idea), I have learned recently - by attending seminars at St Williams Catholic Church no less, that intelligent design is not science and therefore has no place in a science class. I have also learned that, contrary to the backlash mythology of the Christian right, that evolution is not the science of how life on Earth was created.

Seems the population of small town America seems to agree. As far as elections taking the pulse of the nation, this one was IMHO by far the most important. Clean sweep at the ballot box.


S.A.W.B. said...

For once, you and I are in total agreement. Keep Jeebus out of the classroom, excepting of course, courses on religion, specifically the religion of Jeebus.

Once in a great while in this grand republic of ours, sanity does prevail.

patsbrother said...

"intelligent design is not science"

"evolution is not the science of how life on Earth was created"

Since paT occasionally brings out the "I called it" card, I'll point out that I advocated the two preceding statements in comments a good while back. Back then (way back in aught '5) I was called a dogmatic nutjob for those very same sentiments. Though I didn't accomplish it, at least someone has gotten another to recognize these facts. Woo progess!

Patrick Armstrong said...

Yes young grasshopper, I'll have my crow barbecued with a side of french fried shoe if you please. You did call this one right here way back in June.

But you did sound like a dogmatic lefty moralist when you did say it...but then again, you always sound like a dogmatic lefty moralist to me.

patsbrother said...
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Patrick Armstrong said...

Kevin, please remember that folks may be reading this page at schools where they work. We like to keep the rating around PG as far as language is concerned. It also keeps things relatively conversational and more polite. Thanks

-The Management

patsbrother said...

Funny thing about that: when my Irish lesbian professor friend found out I was about to enter law school, she got all hushed and said, "Just promise you'll never become one of those perky [ ] Republicans." "Me, perky?" was my response. However, I am slowly coming to realize that if it wasn't for the Religious Right, I might be a Republican. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like anyone need worry about that anytime soon.