Thursday, November 17, 2005

Left Turn?

I love Parliamentary Democracies. You think you've got everyone figured out and then ... Surprise! All kind of new stuff goes on, and it happens so fast you may never see it happen.

Betcha didn't hear about this in the MSM. I sure didn't and I pay attention to this stuff. Shimon Peres is no longer the leader of the Israeli Labor Party. That's big. Ariel Sharon may leave the Likud Party to Netanyahu. That's bigger. I wonder if they'll team up and create a new party called "Really Old Fellas."


Dante said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention the biggest piece of news out of this article. It's even mentioned first. The current coalition government is all but finished. Peres' replacement Peretz ran a campaign centered on removing Labor from the coalition. Since Labor is the second largest part of the coalition, the coalition is done. Personally, I thought Peretz didn't stand a chance with Israel's big focus on national security, but I haven't really rkept up with Israeli politics (go figure). This move to me signals that Israel's Labor Party is becoming interested enough in social issues to scrap their involvement with what is essentially a national security coalition. I think it's a big failure on the coalition's part to not keep Labor happy enough to stay in the coalition.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Oh yeah, there is that small matter of the current government dissolving.

I think it just goes to show that, even in Israel, you can't focus so mightily on national security that domestic issues stagnate.