Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Meida Bias

This is just a pack of misrepresentations.

For readers in Athens, Atlanta, Macon, Memphis and (shudder) Ohio, I will give you the real truth behind this story.

Today is one of those days I shoulda called in sick to work and went on down to the beach. That's right, hinterlanders, Weather Channel may say it feels like 72 degrees down here, but that's just to keep y'all from abandonin' y'all's posts all points north.

The thermometer may say it's 72, but it feels like 85, with a soft breeze out of the south. But you're still gonna warm up nicely just by steppin' outside the office. If I was at the beach and laying in the sun, enjoying a frosty beverage, I would get sun-burned.

It is not 'mostly cloudy' or even 'partly cloudy.' It's thinkin' it may be partly cloudy some time later on, once it runs out of margarita mix and wakes up from it's nap.

Standing in the shade and closing your eyes, you will know the definition of "perfect weather."

And Hurricane Zeke ain't nowhere on the horizon.

The Beach Boys were playing on the stereo where I went to get lunch. "Trop-i-cal contact high," that's right.

I had to turn my Christamas music off, and turn on some UB40 at my desk. Instead of jingle bells, "I got the bottle, bring me the cup. Pop the cork and try us some."

Jamm I amm.

Go and take a look at my 10-day forecast in the link above, if you will. There's a lot more days like this a-comin' up soon.

Have fun up north, y'all.


dadvocate said...

35 here but it feels like a balmy 29.

ruby booth said...

i'm wearing two shirts and a coat, and i'm still cold. i weep.
i'm off to work -- gonna make a little book bonfire in the middle of the kids section.

S.A.W.B. said...

I'm programming the flight path for Hurriblizzzzzard Zeke as we speak...(the extra z's are for extra cold)...you can expect freezing cold winds, rain, snow, locusts, hail, frogs, goat's blood, and copies of Cindy Sheehan's book...

Patrick Armstrong said...

Oh, don't look now, but the link actually changed. Now it reflects today's weather (Wednesday) instead of yesterday's weather (Tuesday).

Though I bet that changes nothing relatively speaking.

It's ok guys and gals, y'all can make fun of me later in the year when my temperature is 110 with 200% humidity, and y'all are at 105 degrees with 195% humidity.

Of course, we still have a beach down here. Within walking distance of the house, I might add.

Actually, if you follow the link, and click on "yesterday's weather" it will give you the "actual high" yesterday: 78 degrees.

Jamm I amm indeed.

It will also give you news that our record high on November 29ths has been 80 degrees.

It will also let you know that, earlier this month, the thermometers were up around 97 degrees at one point.

I remember that day, or one close by it, as it was Sunday. I know cause I was at the beach that day. In November.

By the time Hurriblizzzzzard Zeke gets here, he'll have gone the way of Frosty the Snowman.

It'll just rain.

In Brunswick.

Heh heh.

nikka said...

Sure, but when global warming sinks y'all into the Atlantic, up here we'll get to relax on the beautiful, sunny beaches of Memphis.

Meredith said...

OK, in late January I might be a little jealous of your island weather, but for now . . . give me winter. I like my Christmas cold, even if we've only had snow once (that I can remember) and it didn't even stick.

walkin in a winter wonderland . . .