Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One Door Opens, Another Closes

From the same neighborhood in New Orleans.

For those of y'all living under a rock, Ben Franklin Elementary School in New Orleans reopened yesterday for those kids who are back. I feel especially warm that Ben Franklin was the first to reopen, as it is whistling distance from my Aunt and Uncle's home. When Pops and I were there recently, the Wyoming National Guard was cleaning up the school. The whole neighborhood threw them a barbecue the day after Pops and I got back to Georgia.

Unfortunately, a neighbor's home caught fire this morning. My Aunt called to let us know it wasn't them (there are lots of TV cameras in the area because of the school). From what I hear, everybody's OK, and the house wasn't a total loss. But that's something really difficult to deal with in one of the few neighborhoods to survive the storms and the floods. Here it is, months later, and folks are still losing their homes.

What a long road back.

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