Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sounds a lot less like cuttin' and runnin' now....

To paraphrase the new Iraqi mission statement: 'Thanks for the help, fellas, but we'll be able to take it from about the middle of next year. Oh and by the way, we think its OK to resist, just not to be terrorists. Whatever that means.'

At least they worked together on that one.

But don't take my word for it, go and look.

Oh, yeah: Concerning the last post on Rep. Murtha & the Iraq war, there's even more follow up that can illuminate the point Murtha's trying to make.

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Buzzzbee said...

I wish everyone would quit acting like Murtha's idea is so stupid. Democrats included. I'm not a military strategist, but the idea of getting the troops physically out of Iraq, but keeping them right next door in say Kuwait where they could respond very quickly to problems is intelligent military problem solving. Something our soldiers haven't received from this government since the fall of Saddam. Removing our troops from their country would have a stabalizing effect, I think. Our boys seem to have an inflammatory presence there. This would also remove them more from the danger of carbombs and ied's and such. I believe it to be completely within the capability of our military to operate this reconstruction from a close distance with the combination of bases in Kuwait and Aircraft carriers in the gulf. Not to mention this would put pressure on the Iraqis themselves to get their act together and take control of their country.