Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Honest Abe, warrant-less spying, and you...

Ok kids, before you hyperventilators get all dizzy and stuff, here's some fast facts.

William Jefferson 'Slick Willie' Clinton authorized the same sort of warrant-free searches in 1994, that George W. 'Dubya' Bush authorized sometime in 2004 apparrently. Don't believe me? Click here, and here.

Second, the suspension of constitutional rights in the interest of preserving the nation go back, way back, beyond the Carter administration. Try Lincoln.

During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln used his presidential power to violate three constitutional rights. He suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus, he outlawed and then used the military to suppress peaceful anti-war protests, and he declared war without congressional approval.

Did he do it for "security?" Nope, he said he did it for the constitutional right of the country's "self-preservation."

Do I agree with warrantless wiretaps, searches, and the like? No. Do I think that President Bush should face the fire for this one? Yep. Would I love to see Bill Clinton have to face up to this one as well? Oh hell yes. Do I think the latter will ever happen? Not a chance.

Point is kids, this spying on our own citizens thing goes way back. So does the President ducking the rule of law in order to preserve the union. Try to not get so worked up. I'm sure there's a seal clubbing or something you can go protest if you're just too full of pent-up, misplaced rage...

As this information has reached me, so it shall reach you.
Dateline: Carter Administration
Re: Electronic Intelligence Without a Court Order

Yeah...it's old news, I know, but for some reason, we're just now getting the old news.

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