Thursday, December 01, 2005

If PETA Ran the World

All cats would recieve $6000+ stipends earmarked for travel expenses.

Thankfully, PETA doesn't run the world, so this is just a heartwarming story that Disney or Lifetime will end up with the rights to publish.

Stranger than that: after this cat travelled to France, the nation erupted in riots and civil unrest. Now that the cat leaves, order is restored. Coincidence...or Meow-Quaeda?

You be the judge.


Dante said...

I wouldn't put it past PETA, but they didn't have anything to do with this. I doubt Contental put the cat on a full flight. It came back the Thursday after Thanksgiving. It's hardly a busy travel day. The cat probably just took up some space that would otherwise go unused. This would make it a no-brainer for Continental. Add a negligible amount of weight to the flight for some press coverage. That's probably the cheapest advertising they've ever done.

Now if THAT cat changes it name to Yusuf Islam, we might need to worry about a Meow-Quaeda threat.

Meredith said...

Did neither of you see "Cats & Dogs" (2001)? It expains everything! ;)

PETA would have left the poor kitty in a dumpster somewhere outside of Paris after they let her die of an easily preventable disease.

*groan* . . . "Meow-Quaeda"? lol