Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Butt Whoopin'

Second Civil War is back from vacation, and he starts 2006 with a broadside against 2005. If you've read his stuff before, you know that a lot of this is going to be political in nature, but he lets 'em have it like his name was Captain Jack Aubrey.

Speaking of New Year's Resolutions, in my opinion, the theme for 2006 should be "Ratchet Down the Jackassery." The phrase was coined by SAWB, so he gets the credit here, but I'm all for making it the mantra. I'm gonna try and balance my traditional southern heritage of hellraisin' with not being the jackass that I usually is, so we'll see how it goes.

But we'll start something new on this blog: Jackass of the month awards. Anyone can nominate 'em, and we'll post the top 5 at the end of every month and let y'all vote. How does that sound?


Matt O. said...

My decision to leave the GOP was decided long ago. This Christmas only marked the official withdrawal from the party. I feel that I no longer follow the conservative mantra. It is not a part of me anymore. I believe in it based on a pack of lies and distortions and I wanted nothing to do with that.

In the future, after college (one more semester left), possibly grad school and service in the military, I hope to run for political office, most likely as a Democrat. I guess my way of breaking down the status quo of Candidate Crazy v. Candidate Douche by throwing myself in the mix. In work and in politics, I generally have the "I have to do it myself" attitude. I am hands-on and nothing bothers me more than not knowing what or how to do something.

I am not exactly sure I can still cast myself as any kind of "conservative" anymore. At best, I was a "conservative moderate." On the issues, I tend to lean more to the left nowadays (pro-same-sex marriage, anti-Social Security privatization, against school prayer, against school vouchers, etc.). Fiscally, I am for government programs to aid the poor, the elderly, students, and the like.

When it came to my conservative beliefs, in retrospect, I am not so sure they were my true beliefs. Merely an extension of my father's beliefs, and only within the last couple of years have I really formulated opinions that are uniquely my own.

Matt O. said...

Jackassess of the Month Award Nominations:

Bill O'Reilly
-war on Christmas

John Gibson
-war on Christmas

George W. Bush
-admission to impeachable offenses, including warrantless surveillances on American citizens