Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Racheting down the jackassitude...

I'm positively giddy. This, friends, is the most amusing bit of news i've read in quite some time. No longer will being busted for being a drunken jackass on campus net you a ticket which you could pay off, explaining the sudden need for funds to the parental units as 'some books'.

No, fair readers, it warms the depths of my cold, black heart to know that someday soon, little Johnny or precious Jenny will have to call home, the number for the Athens-Clarke County lockup appearing on the Caller ID, and explain to Mommy and Daddy as to why they are calling from said facility, and why they need bail money.

Seriously, though. If you've spent any amount of time in Athens over the last decade or so, you've likely noticed, or at least seemed to notice, that the alcohol fueled jackassery seems to increase exponentially every year, yet, the University claims they're getting smarter kids every year. Perhaps the threat of 'really-real' jail will make some of these kids rethink the merits of power hour, nickel night, projectile vomiting, and public indecency, with regards to the consumption of mass quantities.


patsbrother said...

As Ed would say: git em! Git em!

Now, to Burnstone, to celebrate!

Dante said...

I've been a drunken jackass on campus far too often to buy into the idea that this will help anything. The only real difference is that now a Minor in Possession (MIP) will land you in jail instead of the usual dump-the-alcohol-and-write-a-tiket that used to occur. How many people really get MIPs? I've often wondered exactly what (or who) you have to urinate on in public to get such an honor. Apparently swordfighting on a dumpster while waving at a cop beer-in-hand is not enough. Maybe I was just been lucky.

Also, I haven't noticed jackassery increasing nearly as much as the jackassery involving me is decreasing (to almost 0). You might just be getting old, SAWB.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Oh, the stories.

I have to agree with Dante here, especially about jackassery with oneself decreases. It's been exaclty a year since my last jackass episode in the downtown of Athens.

Plus you've got to hope UGA police will be able to enforce this, especially if any of the new jackasses are smart enough to take over administration of an entire high-rise building for three years(like we were).

S.A.W.B. said...

somehow, i sincerely doubt that this current breed of jackass is clued in enough to take over the proper functions of a high-rise dormitory. Most of the kids that I see have trouble forming semi-coherent sentences.

If you wonder how many kids get MIPs, read the blotter in the red and black sometime. Any time there's a traffic stop, or just about anything else on campus, it involves/involved a ticket for MIP.

Are the UGAPD going to be able to bust everyone on campus? No, of course not. However, if they get the one out of 100 kids they get now, and send them to jail for the night, methinks that word will travel rather quickly that discretion is the better part of drunken jackassitude.